• Listen to your Waveform ring

    Japanese artist Sakurako Shimizu designed some cool waveform jewelry. He takes a sound wave from a sound editing software and cuts it into silver with laser. There are various forms, such as necklaces, brooches and earrings. You can even listen to the sounds if you can figure out a way to decode the waveform. I smell great nerd engagement present! Read More

  • Crazy rapidly-prototyped mystery rings

    These rings, which look like their made of rapid-prototyping plastic or cornstarch, have a 64 character message embedded in them, giving you instant geek cred with all your friends and neighbors. It’s not a real product but it’s definitely a cool application of rapid prototyping – essentially creating custom jewelry on the fly. Wouldn’t it be fun if there were rapid… Read More

  • Limited-edition Transformers Rings: Somewhere Matt Hickey's Head Just Exploded

    I love Transformers just as much as the other guy, but I’m not spending $185 on a Decepticon/Autobot ring. I bought a cupcake from Crumbs opening weekend for $4 and I got a free Autobot ring that I’m more than happy with. But I will admit that I spent $80 on the official Chinese print of the G1 series and movie on DVD. These rings are ultra exclusive with only 50 rings per size… Read More

  • The $500 Madden Ring

    Yah dude, like, that ring could buy us so much Easy Mac Hey brah! I just got back from the DeltSig house and we chugged three cans of Keystone before we played a Madden ’08 exhibition. Yah, wicked sweet, I know. But yo dude, did you hear about that shit? Yeah, that shit Electronic Arts is doing or whatevs. It’s like, if you’re super good at Madden like yours truly is, then… Read More

  • Web Services Help Heal Your Pain: Ring Exchange

    Are you done with her? Did she make that “snort snort” noise in the bathroom one too many times? Is her hair slightly off-color and won’t match your new speakers? Does she want to talk about your “cheating” again? Well, drop her like a bad habit and resell her engagement ring at a tidy profit. Yes, friends, the Internet has finally found a way to turn heartache… Read More

  • The Info Ring Knows Who You Are, Wants to Share

    Phones and PDAs have been able to exchange virtual business cards for a few years now, but nobody seems keen on taking up the feature. The problem is, lining your devices up, pairing them as trusted and finding your person on a crowded list of available devices. Meet the Info Ring. When you shake your new friend’s hand, your contact information is exchanged. You can then sync your ring… Read More