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Uber business tool lets you order multiple cars from central app

Uber finalized a new tool in its business arsenal today called Uber Central that enables business users to order multiple Ubers on behalf of customers or clients from a single app. It was originally a

Autonomous cars seen as smarter than human drivers

PwC released the results of its latest survey on the future of automotive technology, and it seems Americans are coming around to the idea of autonomous cars, ride hailing and car sharing. So much so

See Jane Go live today

Ride hailing services aimed at women drivers and passengers are a small but growing niche. See Jane Go is officially up and running today; drivers and passengers can download the app on iOS or Android

Carmaker + ridesharing roundup

Auto manufacturers are realizing that the future of transportation is not going to be one person, one car. It’s going to be ridesharing, ridehailing and public transit — and these vehicles may

See Jane Go is bringing women-only ride hailing to the West Coast

Earlier this spring, Safeher (the ride-hailing service formerly known as Chariot for Women) established itself in the Boston area as a safer service for women drivers and passengers. Now See Jane Go i

Uber is testing a loyalty program that rewards riders with free trips

Uber sent an email to LA riders yesterday announcing they are doing a temporary promotion that looks very much like a loyalty program. Each UberBLACK ride taken will give riders 200 points, and when t

Uber debuts Trip Tracker so you can view a family member’s ride in real-time

Uber today announced a new tool that will allow family members and other loved ones to track each others’ trips using its service. Called simply “Trip Tracker,” the addition is a fea

Roadie is like Uber for shipping

“Someone is always leaving everywhere”: that’s the idea behind Roadie, a peer-to-peer package delivery service launched last year by Marc Gorlin. There are something like 250 million