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Uber’s Q3 numbers include impressive profitability gains, slower-than-expected growth

The former startup darling's results can be viewed as an indication that its business model has matured and is now in a stable, profitable and cash-generating position.

Lyft’s newest feature could convince more women to drive for the ride-hailing app

Lyft rolled out a new feature Tuesday in five U.S. cities, including Chicago and San Francisco, that lets women and nonbinary drivers set a preference for picking up only women riders. The preference

Lyft takes a page from Uber’s playbook: Ads

Ride-hailing giant Lyft will start displaying ads in-app, as well as via in-car tablets, rooftops and bikeshare stations. “Lyft has a captive audience throughout their entire ride journey – wa

You can now hail an Uber by calling a number

Uber’s making it easier to hail a ride — no app required. The company announced Wednesday at its annual Go-GET event in New York City that it’s launching a new ride-hailing option fo

Lyft layoffs to affect 26% of workforce

Lyft said Thursday it will cut 26% of its workforce, or about 1,072 people, as part of a restructuring plan aimed at rebuilding its core ride-hailing product and boosting profits. The company also sai

Lyft might drop shared rides, stay focused on basics under new CEO

Lyft might once again drop its shared rides offering, just one of several changes the company’s newly appointed CEO could make in a bid to focus on its core ride-hailing business and become prof

Lyft is charging riders wait time fees — but drivers aren’t reaping the rewards

Lyft finally started charging riders wait time fees in December, but drivers are complaining those fees aren’t making it into their wallets. At least, not yet. Lyft’s wait time fees, or th

Lyft lays off 13% of workforce as it tries to slash operating expenses

Lyft said Thursday it is laying off 13% of its workforce as it tries to reduce operating expenses, according to a securities filing. The ride-hailing company described the cuts as proactive step to en

Can the algorithms that ride-hailing and delivery startups use be fair?

The more opaque the algorithms, the more regulators and the public have a hard time holding companies accountable.

Uber wants court to nullify Kenya’s new ride-hailing law that caps service fee at 18%

Uber has appealed to Kenya’s apex court to annul the new digital taxi-hailing regulations claiming that some aspects are unconstitutional, discriminatory, discouraging to foreign investments and inf

Lyft sued by drivers, passengers claiming company failing to protect users from assault

Lyft is facing a fresh batch of lawsuits from drivers and passengers who say they were sexually and physically assaulted during rides and accused the ride-hailing company of failing to protect its use

Uber turns the corner, generates massive pile of free cash flow in Q2

The question of whether Uber would be able to self-support was at least partially answered Tuesday with the company’s second quarter earnings report. In its Q2 digest, the American ride-hailing

Lyft continues its COVID recovery, but investors are far from impressed

American ride-hailing company Lyft reported Tuesday its first quarter financial performance, a report that showed continued improvement from the loss of business it experienced during the COVID-19 pan

GV’s Frederique Dame on product-market fit: ‘You have one chance at a good experience’

"Understanding the user journey of your customers, and what you're doing with your product is really, really important,” said Frederique Dame. “Be obsessive and talk to customers as much as you ca

Uber cites tough regulations as it suspends Tanzania operations

Uber suspended its operations in Tanzania today, citing a tough regulatory environment that has made it difficult for the ride-hailing company to continue running in the East African country. In a sta

Uber boosts Q1 profit guidance as the world gets moving again

U.S. ride-hailing and food delivery giant Uber raised its guidance for adjusted profitability in the first quarter, a rosier-than-anticipated outlook triggered by a spike in demand. In a fresh 8-k fil

You can book dinner reservations and buy event tickets on Uber now

Uber is launching a new feature on Tuesday that will allow customers in 15 cities across the U.S. and Mexico the ability to browse and book experiences like dinner reservations or live events directly

Waymo to begin charging for robotaxi rides in San Francisco

Waymo, the self-driving unit of Alphabet, has scored a permit with the California Public Utilities Commission that allows it to charge riders for ride-hailing trips in its autonomous vehicles in San F

Uber wrapped 2021 with strong revenue growth and greater adjusted profitability

Today after the bell, Uber reported its fourth-quarter financial performance. The company saw $25.9 billion in gross platform spend, up 51% compared to its year-ago result, and revenues of $5.78 billi

Lyft’s revenue growth masks active riders slippage

U.S. ride-hailing company Lyft dropped its fourth-quarter financial results Tuesday, a report that showed a mixed bag of growth — that in the area of active riders failed to meet analysts’ exp
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