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InDrive launches ventures and M&A arm to invest $100M in startups across emerging markets

InDrive, the “bid-based” ride-hail platform popular in Latin America and Asia, has launched a new venture and merger and acquisition division named New Ventures to invest up to $100 millio

Uber takes steps to combat unfair driver deactivations

Uber is introducing new features geared toward addressing the issues of unfair deactivations that ride-hail and delivery drivers often face. Starting Monday across the U.S., Uber will roll out a techn

Lyft wants to kill surge pricing

Lyft has been cutting fares in order to secure more riders, and it’s working. But that success has come with a (literal) cost. The ride-hail company reported Tuesday during its second quarter 20

InDrive brings its ‘bid-based’ ride-hail app to the US

InDrive (formerly inDriver) is bringing a new type of ride-hailing app to South Florida. The startup operates a “bid-based” platform wherein passengers can name their own fare for a ride,

Waymo’s self-driving cars will be available on Uber’s app, starting in Phoenix

Waymo, Alphabet’s self-driving unit, has agreed to a multi-year strategic partnership with Uber that will see some of Waymo’s autonomous vehicle technology join Uber’s platform. The

Lyft shares tumble as investors react to dim outlook

Lyft shares tanked as much as 12% moments after the company reported first-quarter earnings as investors placed more weight on a dim outlook and lower quarter-over-quarter revenue than other financial

Washington Uber and Lyft drivers win paid family and medical leave

Washington’s Senate unanimously passed a bill this week that would make the state the first in the nation to grant ride-hail drivers the right to paid family and medical leave. The bill, HB 1570

Lyft relaunches EV service, starting with business travelers

Lyft is relaunching a feature that will allow riders to request an electric or hybrid vehicle for their next pickup. The service, Lyft Green, will initially only be available to business travelers in

Lyft CEO and president stepping down to be replaced by former Amazon exec

UPDATE: This article has been updated with compensation package information for Green, Zimmer and Risher. Lyft co-founders, CEO Logan Green and president John Zimmer, are stepping down from their role

Uber redesigns app for simpler, more personalized experience

Uber is releasing an updated version of its app that aims to simplify and personalize the experience for customers. The new app has a more straightforward homescreen that removes the friction of a few

New Zealand Uber drivers begin collective bargaining for first time

Uber drivers in New Zealand will be pushing for better pay and working conditions through their first-ever collective agreement with the company. Earlier this week, national trade union First Union in

Uber is integrating its driver app with Apple CarPlay

Uber drivers who have an iPhone will soon be able to use the Uber app directly from their car’s dashboard while using Apple’s CarPlay, according to an email sent to drivers and viewed by T

Lyft shares get crushed on weak guidance for first quarter

Lyft beat the Street on revenue in the fourth quarter, but it wasn’t enough to assuage investors who reacted to the ride-hailing company’s weak guidance for the first three months of 2023.

The battle over gig worker status is heating up

The fight over whether gig workers are independent contractors or employees has been heating up this week on both state and federal levels. The stakes? A once disruptive business model could soon be d

Uber, Lyft to pay NYC drivers more by end of year

Uber and Lyft will have to increase the minimum pay rates for drivers in New York City by the end of the year, Engadget reports. The fare increase comes amid a driver shortage post-pandemic, in large

The Amazonification of Uber

It’s been six months since Uber hosted Go, Get, a global smorgasbord of product reveals and features that covered everything from booking party buses and voice ordering for Uber Eats to linking trav

Don’t worry, Uber WILL find a way to advertise to you

Uber has officially launched its advertising division and unveiled its in-app ad experience, Journey Ads, in an attempt to drive more revenue. The company said Wednesday it will sell ad space inside i

Lyft lays off about 60 employees, shutters in-house car rentals program

Lyft has joined the ranks of tech companies trimming its workforce. The news of the layoffs, initially spotted in LinkedIn posts by now-former Lyft employees, has been confirmed by the company. Lyft s

Uber to pay millions for overcharging people with disabilities

Uber has agreed to settle a lawsuit alleging that the ride-hail company violated the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by overcharging riders with disabilities. The company will offer several mill

Massachusetts court rejects ballot to define gig workers as contractors

In a major setback for app-based gig economy companies like Uber, Lyft and DoorDash, a Massachusetts court ruled on Tuesday to throw out a proposed ballot measure that would, if passed, define gig wor
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