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  • Virtual Reality Goes Beyond Gaming

    Virtual Reality Goes Beyond Gaming

    Virtual reality’s breakthrough moment might not be gaming. Claude Zellweger from HTC, Dr. Richard Marks from Sony, Paul Raphaël from Felix and Paul Studios took the stage with our own Drew Olanoff at Disrupt SF to talk about virtual reality. These VR experts had a lot of things to say about the content that should hit your favorite VR headset in the coming years. Read More

  • Meet The Disrupt SF 2015 Speakers And Judges

    Meet The Disrupt SF 2015 Speakers And Judges

    Disrupt SF is just a few weeks away, and we have some of the most iconic entrepreneurs and thought leaders in the tech industry lined up to speak throughout the three-day-long conference. Read More

  • The Playstation Eye Creation Story As Told By Dr. Richard Marks

    There is no doubt that the Playstation Eye will be a welcome addition to the accessory line for the PS3, but what makes it so special? Why is it so much better than the EyeToy? Newsweek recently interviewed Dr. Richard Marks and this is what he had to say. If you’re not sure who Richard Marks is and you’re salivating over the Eye then I’m not sure you can call yourself a… Read More