• RGM Pennsylvania Tourbillon MM 2 Watch: American-Made At Its Finest

    I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first laid eyes on the movement for this RGM Pennsylvania Tourbillon watch (which I discussed here). Sure the final version isn’t much different than the preview I saw a while ago, but seeing it all put together with case, text, hands, and finishing is really satisfying. I feel a nice level of price seeing this timepiece, knowing it is all American. Read More

  • A closer look at RGM's new American tourbillon

    If you’re into watches, you know that the tourbillon is the nitrous charger of the watch world – you’ll probably never use it, it doesn’t make an amazing amount of sense, but darn it if it isn’t cool. RGM Watches is a small watch company in Pennsylvania and they just launched their own manufacture tourbillon, a tourbillon made from scratch from stem to stern. Read More

  • RGM North Pointer GMT: American made, American pride

    RGM is a watch company in Pennsylvania dedicated to recreating and preserving the watch know-how of the classic old American makers. Back in the 1880s, America’s watch industry was booming along with the growth of the railroads. A little savvy marketing and the rise of the automobile killed all the huge factories of Hamilton, Ohio and Elgin, Illinois but the dream is still alive. Read More