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AcreTrader raises $5M to help people invest in a fruitful asset class: farmland

Carter Malloy thinks that lucrative investments include dirt, some seeds, maintenance, and growth — literally. So, he founded Fayetteville, Arkansas-based AcreTrader, an online farmland investme raises $3.8M to help digital publishers manage their ad revenue says it's helping online publishers get paid on time for ads. offers a system for publishers to manage ad inventory, orders, payments and billing, all across multiple sales

Video distribution startup Zype raises $2M

Zype has raised another $2 million as it helps publishers deliver (and make money from) video across devices. Added to the $1.6 million that Zype announced last year, this brings the New York City sta

Zype Raises $1.6M To Help Publishers Build Their Video Business

Video startup Zype has raised $1.6 million in seed funding. The company says it can help online publishers deliver their videos across devices. Instead of just posting their videos on YouTube or Vi