Reuters is the latest large news agency to embrace content automation

Reuters is the latest major news agency to embrace content automation. Reuters isn’t replacing human reporters and editors with software and self-flying cameras quite yet. But the news organization

Global counter-terrorism database World-Check leaks online

At least one non-authorized person obtained sensitive information following the leak of global counter-terrorism database World-Check, owned by Thomson Reuters . Chris Vickery, a security researcher

Reuters Is The Latest News Organization To Get Blocked In China

Reuters has joined Bloomberg, New York Times and Wall Street Journal in being blocked in China. Reuters itself reported that its website was not reachable in the country today.

Reuters Launches Web TV Channel, Bringing 10 New & Original Shows To YouTube

The move to bring original programming to the web continues to heat up this week, with today's announcement of <a href="">Reuters TV</a>, a new YouTube channel featurin

Twitter: "No Plans For A Twitter News Network", But It's Still An Interesting Idea

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-247897" title="CNN-Twitter-Bird-Full-Color" src="" alt="" />Earlier today, <a

Place Your Bets: Reuters Joins HubDub's Prediction Market

<img src="" /> International news service Reuters has set up shop on <a href="">HubDub</a>, a prediction mark

Who Will Google Buy Or Clone In 2008?

Predicting what Google may do in 2008 is about as accurate as predicting the future using a Magic 8 ball; you can make educated guesses but it’s nothing more than that. There are two certainties

Reuters' N95-equipped toolkit for on-the-go reporters

As a well-respected, professional, hard-hitting technology journalist, I can appreciate what this kit has to — buwahahahaaaa!! I’m sorry, I couldn’t get though it all. Well-respected

Cell Phones: Now Cancer-free

Rejoice! You can now retire that tinfoil hat, as a team of researchers in Denmark have concluded that cell phone usage does not raise the risk of cancer. The study analyzed data from the entire popula

Yahoo Wants Free Reporting

Yahoo wants you to work for their news site. But you might not get paid. The company announced on Monday that they would partner with Reuters to solicit public contributions to their news service. The

Reuters Reporting from Second Life

As proof that Second Life is booming, Reuters recently opened an SL bureau and assigned it a full-time reporter. Adam Pasick, known in SL as Adam Reuters, heads up the branch and reports on events ins