• Are Blogs Losing Their Authority To The Statusphere?

    Depending on which numbers you source or believe, all reports agree that the blogosphere continues to expand globally. As the leading blog directory and search engine, Technorati maintains a coveted Authority Index which is considered amongst bloggers as the benchmark for measuring their rank and selling their position within the blogosphere. (At least until recently). Authority in the index… Read More

  • Retweetist Discovers Most Valuable Users And Accounts From Twitter

    If you really think it’s not the number of followers on Twitter that counts but how many times stuff gets retweeted, Retweetist might be the right service for you. The application and its corresponding Twitter account are essentially Twitter trend barometers and the work of Mike Sheetal, director of Tokyo-based creative agency UltraSuperNew. Retweetist distills links, content and users… Read More