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  • Pip is a retro games console for kids to learn coding

    Pip is a retro games console for kids to learn coding

    Another UK startup is using Pi electronics as the foundation for an edtech business idea, and Kickstarter to try to crowdfund their product: A learn-to-code retro games console. Read More

  • Awesome handheld NES with wireless controllers and Zapper

    For the retro gaming fans out there, these clone systems are making a lot of dreams come true. The FC3 system, for example, plays NES, SNES, and Genesis games, for only like $60. And this sweet portable NES, which uses actual NES cartridges, has the added bonus of wireless controllers and a Zapper as accessories. Of course it’s got a TV-out; you’d look pretty silly aiming a light… Read More

  • Get your combination NES-SNES-Genesis right here

    I saw one of these things at PAX. It’s a great idea; after all, the actual hardware involved has become extremely small. You can fit an NES into a cartridge if you want to. So it makes sense to stick all the circuitry in a box, add some cartridge interfaces, make some ambiguous controllers, and sell it as a super-console. The one I saw was NES and Genesis, like this one, but there’s… Read More

  • ROM hacks: Incredible pseudo-sequels to your favorite retro console games

    I love retro games, and although part of what I love about them is the nostalgia, going through the same worlds, thinking “oh yeah, I remember when my brother beat that guy for the first time,” all that. But another part is the simply classic nature of the 2D gameplay, in which level design was everything and the graphics were simple enough that you could fit a 30-hour game on a… Read More