NewRetirement aims to shake up retirement planning with a holistic approach

NewRetirement builds software to help people create financial retirement plans.

Ocho wants to rethink (and rebrand) personal finance for business owners

When Ankur Nagpal sold Teachable for a quarter of a billion dollars, he felt lucky. Then, he quickly felt lost when trying to navigate the financial systems of a country he wasn’t born in and le

Robinhood banks on retirement to slow user attrition

Having some crypto in your 401(k) is neither irrational nor exuberant

Let's discuss why Fidelity offering crypto in retirement plans is a huge win for pretty much everyone who isn’t ultra-wealthy.

Employees can count on Addition Wealth for free, holistic financial planning services

As companies fight to retain workers amid the “Great Resignation,” many are offering enhanced benefits packages to employees. Financial wellness benefits, in particular, are on the rise, especiall

Alto raises $40 million to help individuals make tax-savvy investments in assets like crypto and artwork

Alternative investments are having a moment. Their popularity has surged over the last decade, with the asset class growing from just over $3 trillion in 2008 to more than $10 trillion in 2019, accord

Vault is automating investment to offer affordable retirement plans beyond 401(k)

Former JP Morgan financial advisor Randy Fernando got the idea for his fintech startup Vault -- selected as audience choice for the startup battlefield here at Disrupt London -- after his mum asked hi

The technology-driven transformation of wealth management

In today’s digital world, everyday functions such as making dinner reservations or hailing a taxi are done at the touch of a button. Similarly, other, more complex and esoteric functions, such as we

Kobe Bryant Announces NBA Retirement Over Twitter And Facebook

*Cue the old man music* In my day, the best sports athletes of our time sat in front of a camera with their family by their side when they announced that they were retiring. In 1993, Michael Jordan re

Intel Announces CEO Paul Otellini Will Retire In May, Mobile Weakness Could Be A Factor

Intel today announced that CEO Paul Otellini will retire in May. In a press release, the company said that Otellini will take his leave at the company's annual stockholder meeting in May, with the sta

Where are the smartphones for seniors?

A TC/CG reader Teresa asks we, the gadget-nation, a question: where are the good smartphones for seniors? Sure, they have ClarityLife and the Jitterbug but neither of those work as real smartphones. T

Who will run the show when Steve Jobs retires?

[photopress:ive_jonathan_a.jpg,full,left]Sure, it’s a little bit of fanboi raving, but the Mac Daily News has a pretty interesting read on the future of Apple should Stevie J decide to step down

Good Friend, eBay item #1000323: Meg Whitman Retirement

Hello I am priest of cloth. Meg Whitman set to retire, my friend, and we in St. Victual’s School for Girls in Lagos, Nigeria would like for to buy your item as a present for her. We will send yo

Nintendo is officially ending NES support

I may give Nintendo a lot of crap for the Wii, but every other system that company has made is gold sans Gamecube. Now, after 22-years, Nintendo of Japan is officially dropping support for the origina