• Founders Den: First Class — 11 Startups Emerge From The Non-Incubator Incubator

    This past January, we first wrote about Founders Den, a new shared office space based in the SoMa district of San Francisco. The idea was to create a private clubhouse where invited entrepreneurs (including California’s Lieutenant Governor, Gavin Newsom) could come to hang out and small, referred startups could rent space. Today, the don’t-call-it-an-incubator incubator had… Read More

  • Rethinking The Bible As A Social Book

    Are books better as standalone, pristine works or as social objects to be modified and commented on by those who read them? We are about to find out. Today, Rethink Books is launching its SocialBooks software which allows publishers to turn their books into iPad apps. The apps makes it possible for readers to share their highlighted text from a book on Twitter or Facebook, along with… Read More