Subsets helps subscription businesses reduce churn with ‘retention experiments’ and explainable AI

Recurring revenue is pretty much the holy grail for any business — it’s precisely why Apple has segued toward being almost as much a services company as it is a hardware company, with 20%

Upskilling platform GrowthSpace secures $25M to grow its global business

As the jobs market remains tight (mass layoffs and hiring freezes in tech aside), companies are laser-focused on retaining staff. One of the areas they’re investing in is upskilling, which aims

Mentor Collective shakes off its boots to scale student support services

Mentorship is a crucial ingredient to a student’s success. The demand for a platform to make the art of advice more accessible is thus easy for entrepreneurs to identify then pitch, but the serendip

Tech companies can make retention of female employees a priority

The technology industry has a problem with retaining qualified female employees. According to a study by the Center for Work-Life Policy, 56 percent of women in computing jobs will leave their positio

Giganews crosses the 400-day binary retention mark (but won't stop there)

<img src="" />Six months ago, Giganews announced that it would expand its server capacity to 365 days of retention. It passed that bar