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Sneaker market GOAT hires COO Lizzie Francis and makes a play for women sneaker shoppers

GOAT, the secondary marketplace for sneakers that recently merged with Flight Club, is announcing a new hire. Lizzie Francis will join the company as Chief Operating Officer, coming from Brilliant Ven

For Apple, this year’s Global Accessibility Awareness Day is all about education

Following Apple’s education event in Chicago in March, I wrote about what the company’s announcements might mean for accessibility. After sitting in the audience covering the event, the big takea

Build your brand, and they will come

To achieve market scale along the lines of GoPro and Fitbit, effectively working with big retailers is a necessary part of the process. Despite the growth of online channels, more than 90 percent of t

E-Commerce Isn’t Everything

The holiday season is here. For many of us that means lots of shopping. Are you doing most of your shopping online or in stores? If you're like most consumers, the answer is both, but with a significa

Slightly Slighted, Apple’s Diehards Still Do The Launch Day Lineup

While the atmosphere outside the store was generally similar to previous launches, a glaring difference was the fact that I wasn’t waiting outside of an Apple Store. I was sitting on the sidewalk ou

Google Uses Hangouts As A Virtual Genius Bar To Sell Google Devices

In 2013, Google expanded its Hangouts video conferencing service into a commerce platform called Helpouts, where people buy and sell services like cooking or technical advice via live video. Now Goo

Apple Retail: 372 Stores, 123 Of Them Outside The U.S. $4.1B In Sales In Q3

In today's <a target="_blank" href="">Q3 earnings</a>, Apple noted some strong increases in its retail operations, amid some <a href="https://beta.techc

Inside Best Buy: An Anonymous Store Manager Speaks About Recent Changes

From the outside, we early adopters see Best Buy as a dinosaur in a dying world. The company recently announced the closing of 50 stores in the U.S. and 400 layoffs, mostly in corporate. It would be e

In yo' face, Apple: Microsoft poaching Apple retail store talent with higher pay

<img src="" />Man, things are hotting up in the Microsoft vs. Apple feud. The latest news is that, yeah, not only is Microsoft plannin

Apple's first French retail store to open by next autumn

Apple is expected to start construction on its first French retail store later this week, to be located in a chic area of Paris. (“A chic area of Paris” is redundant, by the way.) Actually, it&#82

Apple Stores Shutting Doors At 2PM On iDay

Apple retail stores will be closed on June 29 from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. to get ready for the premiere of iPhone. We’ll open the doors again at 6:00 p.m., when you can be one of the first to see, t