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Conservation Labs uses sound to diagnose plumbing issues

Sound can reveal a lot about water — and where it’s headed. Every washing machine cycle, dish rinse and toilet flush sends water rushing through the pipes in homes, apartments and commerci

This startup wants to help landlords rethink risk when screening potential tenants

It’s long been argued that relying on credit scores for things such as evaluating rental applications is an old-fashioned model that needs to be done away with. But the question of how to determine

Taking on Bilt, Stake aims to expand its cash-back rewards program for renters

Aiming to compete with Bilt in the nascent property renter rewards market, Stake, a startup that provides cash back and banking services to renters, today announced that it raised $12 million in a Ser

10 proptech investors see better era for residential and retail after pandemic

The pandemic made the internet a lifeline for shopping, earning a living and maintaining personal relationships. Now, as lockdowns start to lift, the real estate industry has to figure out what that m

Leading VCs discuss how COVID-19 is impacting real estate & proptech

Several months ago, we surveyed more than 20 leading real estate VCs to learn about what was exciting them most in the real estate tech sector and hear their opinions on proptech trends like co-workin

Where top VCs are investing in real estate and proptech (Part 2 of 2)

In part two of our survey that asked top VCs about the most exciting investment areas in real estate, we dig into responses from 10 leading real estate-focused investors at firms that span early to gr