Resume hopes to close the engineer diversity gap with anonymous interviews

Take out your name, resume and any other identifying information then hop on the internet and show your skills to a recruiting manager. That’s the way does it to ensure a truly b

Riminder uses deep learning to better match people to jobs

There's nothing efficient about sorting through 30,000 resumes by hand. Recruiters spend months evaluating applicants only to have great prospective candidates get lost in the pile. At TechCrunch's St

Stack Overflow puts a new spin on resumes for developers

Stack Overflow, the community site best known for providing answers for all of your random coding questions, also has a thriving jobs board and provides services to employers looking to hire developer

LinkedIn’s Core Mission: Making Its Profiles The Next-Generation Résumé

I spent a few hours on the LinkedIn campus a few weeks ago, with the sole mission of learning more about <a href="

Graphical Resume Site Vizualize.Me Launches, We Talk To The Founder.

With over 200,000 pre-launch signups and 40,000 users in their beta program, it’s very likely that you saw a <a href="" target="_blank"></a> resume link show up in a