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Reserve unveils a full suite of tools to help restaurants manage their tables

Since it launched in 2014, Reserve has often been described as a “dining concierge” — which sounds cool but also maybe a little vague. Basically, the company combines a flexible reserv

Fast Dining Startup Allset Comes To New York City

Lunch breaks! They’re great, right? But they can also turn into a huge time sink — I’ve definitely had moments where I’m frantically flagging down a waiter because everything&#8217

ReservationHop Ditches Restaurant Reservations, Launches Scheduling Tool OK Shift

Hey, remember ReservationHop? You know, the much-criticized service that promised to sell restaurant reservations to users? Well, founder Brian Mayer is officially abandoning the idea. The service

Reserve, From Startup Studio Expa, Makes Restaurant Reservations Easier Than Ever

A startup called <a target="_blank" href="">Reserve</a> is launching a beta version of its "digital concierge" app today, promising to help users snag reservations at top-tier re

With $13.3M In New Funding, Restorando Aims To Be The OpenTable Of Latin America

<a target="_blank" href="">Restorando</a>, a startup offering reservation tools to restaurants in Latin America, is announcing that it has raised $13.3 million in Series B fun