• Can Decency Be Legislated? Crunch Network

    Can Decency Be Legislated?

    You may never have heard of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. However, the 1996 federal law has shaped how you have used the Internet for nearly two decades. Section 230 provides Internet service providers, websites and other online services with broad legal immunity for content that is provided by users. Read More

  • The DIY community needs to get a clue and wake up

    I came across this particular post on BoingBoing today and got kind of pissed off. A lot of DIYers are defending the 19-year-old MIT student, Star Simpson, who last week, walked into Boston’s Logan International Airport with this odd homemade electronic device on her sweatshirt. Understandable, but there’s something called social responsibility that applies to us humans. Read More