Reserve Bank of India

Opening the gates on Indian financial data

India’s digital landscape is changing faster than we can imagine, and it could mean huge improvements in financial access for many. As we speak, three key factors are converging to create a new, mor

New Restrictions On Online Billing In India May Impact International E-Commerce Companies

New restrictions on online billing in India may affect international e-commerce businesses, including <a target="_blank" href="">Google Play</a>, <a target="_blank"

Payments Startup MobiKwik Launches Mobile Wallet As India’s Central Bank Acts To End Country’s Cash Dependence

In a move that could ease paper money's stranglehold over the Indian economy and society, <a target="_blank" href="">Mobikwik</a> is releasing a mobile wallet for the country's

With Flipkart’s Launch Of PayZippy, India’s Answer To Amazon Wants To Become Its PayPal, Too

<a target="_blank" href="">Flipkart</a>, the largest e-commece site in India, has been likened to Amazon both for what it offers and its presence in the market. But it has one cruc