BlackBerry phones once ruled the world, then the world changed

It’s easy to forget now in the age of Apple and Android, but at one time, BlackBerry owned the business smartphone market. You could have your Motorolas and your Nokias and your Samsungs, but fo

Is Zoom the next Android or the next BlackBerry?

As someone who was at both BlackBerry and Android during their heydays, my biggest learning takeaway is that product experience trumps everything else.

The consumer version of BBM is shutting down on May 31

It might be time to move on from BBM. The consumer version of the BlackBerry Messenger will shut down on May 31. Emtek, the Indonesia-based company that partnered with BlackBerry in 2016, just announc

HTC is gone

Gather around, campers, and hear a tale as old as time. Remember the HTC Dream? The Evo 4G? The Google Nexus One? What about the Touch Diamond? All amazing devices. The HTC of 2018 is not the HTC that

Lenovo Downplays RIM Acquisition Reports, Says It’s Looking At M&A Opportunities In General

Lenovo has denied reports that the company plans to buy Research In Motion, saying that it is instead looking at acquisition opportunities in general, <a target="_blank" href="

Another Potential Suitor For RIM As Lenovo Ponders An Acquisition

Research In Motion is once again the target of a rumored acquisition. Lenovo’s CFO Wang Wai Ming said in an interview with Bloomberg at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos that the Beijing

RIM Launches BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 For Government & Corporate Clients

Research In Motion <a target="_blank" href="">just announced</a> that BlackBerry Enterprise Ser

RIM Extends Built For BlackBerry Deadline After Receiving More Than 19,000 Applications

RIM <a target="_blank" href="">has announced </a>that it is extending its deadline for Built for BlackBerry after

Three Major U.S. Carriers Will Support BlackBerry 10 Devices, Which Will Be Made Available At Multiple Price Points

Research In Motion has said that it plans to <a target="_blank" href="">release a wide range of

RIM Employee’s OOO Reply This Week Is Both Epic And Inspiring

RIM is holding its yearly developers conference this week, playing host to over a thousand developers still dedicated to the BlackBerry platform. The company <a href="

RIM Ships 7.8M Smartphones In Q1 2013, Down 30 Percent From Last Quarter’s 11.1M

It's been a bleak call, thus far. We just heard on RIM's Q1 2013 earnings call that the Waterloo-based company only shipped 7.8 million smartphones this quarter, which is down <a href="https://tec

The Future Of RIM: “BlackBerry Isn’t For Everyone”

Today is BlackBerry Jam, RIM's developer conference or WWDC equivalent. It's RIM's moment to redefine, rejuvenate, and re-establish itself in the world. Whether or not the company can pull it off, how

RIM’s New Playbook: The CEO Sneak

It was a big day for football fans, with both the AFC and NFC Championships taking place this afternoon and this evening. The games grab more than a few eyeballs every year -- <a href="http://profootb

RIM Co-CEOs To Step Down; COO To Take The Reins

I suppose some might have seen this coming. In December, Research In Motion (RIM) <a href="">released their third quarter ear

With BlackBerry Mobile Fusion, RIM Wants To Help Enterprises Manage Android, iOS Devices

<a href="">Research In Motion</a> this morning <a href="">introduced</a> a new enterprise mobility solution

52 Pick-Up, or, Where I Went Wrong

<a href=""><img src="" alt="" title="52_pickup" width="196" height

Former RIM VP Tyler Lessard Lands CMO Job At Fixmo

In a high-profile <a href="">departure</a>, <a hr

CNN: Blackberry Outage Impacting Users On Almost Every Planet

There's no escape. The <a href="">Blackberry service outage</a> is now <a href="

As Seesmic Bids Adieu To RIM, UberMedia Introduces UberSocial 1.2 For BlackBerry

<img src="" class="shot2" /> The popular <a href="">UberSocial</a> Twitter client <a href="

Fly Or Die: Can RIM Survive?

<img src="" />Hot on the heels of my scathing <a HREF="
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