• RescueTime Launches Introductions, A Carfax Report For Top Job Candidates

    Y Combinator-backed RescueTime is a web-based time management tool that lets users monitor the time they spend on the Web, like what applications and websites they’re visiting most frequently, all in an effort to help heavy web users cut down on inefficient uses of their time. (Maybe those three hours in Chrome Angry Birds weren’t adding to your overall productivity, friend.)… Read More

  • RescueTime Proving Useful For The Enterprise, Raises $900k

    Y Combinator startup RescueTime lets users monitor which applications and websites they use/visit the most, and then lets them use that information to try to cut down on inefficient uses of time. It’s useful on an individual basis, and it helps businesses (who pay $4-$8/user/month) monitor what applications are being used, and where time is being wasterd. It’s also a lot of fun to… Read More

  • Wakoopa Secures $1 Million for App-Monitoring Social Network

    Wakoopa, the application monitoring service that we’ve described as a for desktop apps, has raised $1 million in a funding round led by Big Bang Ventures and HENQ Invest. Wakoopa monitors the amount of time each application is open on a user’s desktop (or iPhone), and uses the aggregated data to create a social network. The site also serves as an application database that… Read More

  • Y Combinator Demo Day Roundup for Spring 2008

    The fledgling startups listed below will present their ideas and initial products to investors at this spring’s Y Combinator Demo Day on March 18. Of the 19 companies in this batch, 10 have already launched and only one remains in stealth mode. Most of them have been in development for only three months. Chatterous

    Chatterous connects various forms of communication so that people… Read More

  • 8aweek To Help You Kick That Internet Time Wasting Addiction

    New Y Combinator startup 8aweek aims to help you stop wasting all that time on random Internet sites. They offer a Firefox plugin that monitors the web sites you visit and how long you spend on each site. If you are on a user-defined “restricted site,” the plugin will tell you when you’ve spent too much time there. Or alternatively, it will block sites if you tell it to be… Read More

  • RescueTime Out Of Private Beta, Tracking How (Un)Productive You Are

    Tony Wright has been up to a new project since selling two-month-old Jobby to Jobster last May. It’s called RescueTime and it’s meant to help manage your time and stop you from ending up like this guy. We looked at the product previously, but they’ve now come out of private beta. Wright and his team have also taken funding from Y Combinator, and stand in stark contrast to… Read More