Honda’s new robot prototype could help mitigate future disasters

Honda has a new bipedal robot, which isn’t perhaps as charismatic as Asimo, but which could be a lot more useful. The robot is a disaster relief model, dubbed E2-DR (very Star Wars) which has fl

Zuckerberg details Facebook’s response to Puerto Rico’s humanitarian crisis

Tech companies -- and the nation -- have been slow to mobilize in response to the devastation wrought by last week's catastrophic Hurricane Maria that decimated Puerto Rico, but today Facebook chief e

Bari Bari: New exploration and rescue robot (video)

<img src="" /> Japan is prone to large-scale earthquakes, so the fact that researchers in this country are const

Rescue Dog to the rescue!

I live in an earthquake zone. It is called Seattle. We don’t have many rumblers here, but when we do, they’re pretty serious. Just a few years ago the mighty Nisqually quake dropped the bl