• Early Adopters Still Spend More Time With Microsoft Than Google, Facebook, or Skype. But For How Long?

    When early adopters sit at their computers, what applications and websites do they use the most? The answer: Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office, and MSN Messenger—just like most everyone else. At least according to data from RescueTime, the productivity app that monitors the amount of time a user spends on every application on his desktop. The Y Combinator-funded startup has given us… Read More

  • Rescue Time: Automated Time Management meets Web 2.0

    Time Management as a distributed concept is not new, from long corporate training days with free lunches (the lunch often being the highlight) through to earlier software packages, and even through to today, with a wealth of Web 2.0 options focusing on providing the user with the tools to better manage their own time and that of team members. Whilst I’ve been a user of a number of… Read More