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Helios IX: Semi-Autonomous Rescue Robot Moves Up Stairs, Opens Doors (Video)

<img src="" /> We've covered quite a few <a href="">rescue robots</a> in the past, but <a

Japan Sends Team Of 23 Rescue Robots That Withstand Radiation To Fukushima [Update: Videos]

<img src="" /> Japan's <a href="">International Rescue System Institute</a> (IRS

After The Quake: Japanese Rescue Robot Scopes Out Damage In Collapsed Building (Video)

<img src="" /> Why risk human lives when we have <a href="">robots</a> that could do the

Video: Mini Rescue Robot Moogle

<img src="" /> Japan-based Daiwa House will soon offer <a href="">"Moogle"</a> [JP

Videos: Super-mobile rescue robot Quince

<img src="" /> This is one of the coolest <a href="">rescue robots</a> I've ev