Zillow Launches Free Property Management Websites For Rental Pros Without Their Own Web Presence

It's no secret that real estate site Zillow has been putting quite a bit of emphasis on the rental side of the housing market recently. Today, the company is expanding its portfolio of tools for renta

Zillow Puts Its RentJuice Acquisition To Work, Launches A Free Marketplace For Rental Professionals

<a target="_blank" href="">Zillow</a> just announced the launch of Zillow Rentals, the company's new ad free marketplace for rental professionals and landlords. Zillow Rentals, the co

Lovely Goes From Craigslist Target To The Kayak Of Apartment Rentals As It Launches Nationwide

The Craigslist crackdown on usage of its listings data by third parties has had some fairly strong fallout. Some have <a href="

Real Estate Search Company Trulia Brings Its Rentals App To iPhone

Real estate search company <a href="">Trulia</a> is adding to its mobile lineup today with the launch of Trulia Rentals for iPhone. The app joins its Android rentals-only count

RentSocial, Launching Today, Adds A Social Layer To The Rental Process [TCTV]

Looking for an apartment is usually pretty simple: you go on Craigslist, find three apartments that look like they've been used to chop up beeves, and then move in with your buddy whose roommate made

Rentcycle Becomes Getable; Launches In-Store Management Platform For Rental Shops

Attempting to bring a brick-and-mortar industry online is no easy feat. It takes time, investment, and a willingness to roll with the punches. San Francisco-based startup Rentcycle graduated from Foun

Qraft: The Airbnb For Planes, Trains, And Automobiles (And By Trains, I Mean Boats.)

When you're just a wee babe, the idea of a new toy is the most exciting thing ever. Then you grow up, and "toys" become ridiculously expensive. You want a Chevy Corvette C6 Z06? That'll be $70,000, pl

Direct2Drive Now Has A PC Game Rental Service: $5 For 5 Hours Of Gameplay

<img src="" /><a HREF="">Direct2Drive</a>, the digital download service for PC games, has s

Chegg Hires Former Netflix COO To Manage Massive Textbook Warehouse

<img src=""> Right about now, as college students across the country start to go back to school for the Spring semester, things are

We demand Steam rentals, now!

<img src="" />We were discussing in the chat room a little while ago how fantastically awesome it would be to be able to rent games

Netflix has 500,000 Blu-ray subscribers (out of 8.7 million)

Netflix has convinced some 500,000 people to subscribe to its Blu-ray rental service. Netflix is all “Look how well we did!” because it charges a $1 premium to be able to rent Blu-ray discs. The q

TiVo to get Disney movie rentals later this year

TiVo and Disney-ABC have forged an agreement to allow users to rent movies from the Walt Disney Studios catalogue later this year. Some of the movies will be available in high definition, although it&

Disposable DVDs: Like DIVX but hopefully not sucky

Remember DIVX? Not DivX the codec, but DIVX as in Digital Video Express — from Circuit City — the ill-fated self-destructing DVD system from lo those many years ago. A similar idea just mi

What's in the 99 cent iTunes rental store this week?

[photopress:Picture_6.png,full,pp_image] I may pipe in once in a while about physical media coming to end very soon, but I still like it and use it. I haven’t purchased or rented any movies on i

Apple updates iTunes to 7.6.1; Apple TV fixes, ninety-nine-cent rental specials included

[photopress:itunes_1.jpg,full,center] Today marks the first update to iTunes 7.6, which brings it up to 7.6.1, promising better compatibility with Apple TV’s “Take Two” software and

Attention, other Apple TV owners: Is your update working?

[photopress:noupdate.jpg,full,center] I’ve got my Apple TV all ready to go. I want to update for the “Take Two” upgrade that will grant me HD movie rental, fulfilling the promise of

GameFly adds new shipping center in Tampa, Florida

I’ve been using GameFly for the past few months and I can characterize it as, and I quote, “nice.” The company’s just announced that it’s added a third distribution cente

Fifth-gen iPods no workie with iTunes movie rentals?

I’ll be honest, Apple is starting to weird me out a little bit. I picture Steve Jobs like the paranoid Mr. Burns in that Simpsons episode where he owns the casino and he stops shaving and starts

Denver Airport wireless adds local movie downloads

Already pretty high up on a short list of airports offering free wireless internet access, Denver International has just upped the ante a bit. The same network provider, FreeFi, is now offering movie

Penny-Arcade's Div reminds us that iTunes movie rentals is a lot like DIVX

[photopress:padivx.jpg,full,center] As always, Penny-Arcade flies above all of our stupidity to make a point: what makes the iTunes Rental service so different from DIVX, the failed disc format? That
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