• 8-megapixel LG KC780 made official

    As they so sneakily mentioned they would do in last week’s Renoir announcement, LG has announced the 8 megapixel KC780 slider phone. When the promo shots of the KC780 were leaked back in September, rumor had it that LG had been internally boasting that their 8 megapixel handset was the slimmest of the bunch. Seems like the Samsung Pixon may have just barely nabbed the title from them… Read More

  • Pic of LG Renoir, the Viewty II, out in the wild

    The October release of the LG Renoir is right around the corner so it’s ’bout time that some live pics surface of the 8MP KC910. They don’t reveal anything that we didn’t already know, but do show the camera at all angles and boy is she a beaut’. The 8MP Schneider-Kreuznach lens looks so damn good protruding from the camera side and the 3-inch WQVGA LCD seems… Read More