• IMThere Joins MadeIt As The Most Recent Attempts To Crack The Event Nut

    Any event based site is basically a social network – they are designed to allow interaction among friends to coordinate virtual or real world activities. The venerable Evite is still the king of online event coordination. None of the recent startups (renkoo, socializr, mypunchbowl and the deadpooled Skobee) have presented much of a challenge. And none of the event aggregators/search… Read More

  • Renkoo "Beeta" Launches

    Palo Alto based Renkoo, which just raised $3 million in venture financing, is opening its doors this morning to beta testers. They’ll immediately let in the first few hundred requests and then trickle in new users after that (if you don’t see a box to request a beta account, they haven’t switched over to the new site yet). Once you are a member, you can invite others to use… Read More

  • Renkoo Nails $3m in Funding

    The funding train continues to roll this week – Palo Alto based startup Renkoo, still in private beta, has closed on $3 million in venture capital from Matrix Partners. Renkoo is one of a number of new Web 2.0 event creation companies that I’ve had a chance to preview (see also Skobee). Renkoo was founded by CEO Adam Rifkin (founder of KnowNow) and CTO Joyce Park (formerly lead… Read More

  • So what exactly is Renkoo?

    Joyce Park’s Renkoo looks interesting. The Renkoo blog give a number of interesting feature hints. It looks to be an event/calendaring application, but it seems to include chat and other features as well. It is the goal of Renkoo to help people plan and remember and share peak experiences. and The Renkoo’s application interface intentionally blurs the lines between… Read More