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Australian clean tech Endua fixes renewable energy’s intermittency problem

  One major problem with renewable energy sources like wind, solar and hydro is intermittency. This means they cannot be relied on constantly since, for example, the sun might stop shining or it

From seed to Series A in 7 months: Why and how Odyssey Energy Solutions moved quickly

The startup's platform helps launch, build and manage distributed renewable energy projects in emerging markets.

Without a single euro changing hands, Irish nonprofit is helping to reinvent the grid

This Irish startup without a bank account gives surplus wind power to those in need.

EV-to-grid charging is complicated, but California is gearing up to clear the way

This legislation is about to get really interesting. In SB233, CA State Senator Nancy Skinner (D) suggests it's time for some change.

Cleantech Qotto embarks on growth plan backed by $8M funding

Qotto, a solar kits provider with operations in Burkina Faso and Benin, has raised $8 million in a Series A equity-debt round led by the IBL group, a billion-dollar conglomerate headquartered in Mauri

Energy transition investments hit $1.1 trillion — with a T — last year

Global investments reached parity with fossil fuels and grew at a rate that suggests the Paris Agreement is within reach.

LineVision and GE team up to fortify the electrical grid to handle more renewables

New transmission lines are expensive, which is why GE and LineVision are working to unlock capacity on existing lines.

Meet 5 startups working to harness the Earth’s heat to save the planet

To tap into the massive amount of heat the Earth generates, enhanced geothermal startups are focused on advanced drilling techniques.

The era of oil-driven foreign policy is over. Welcome to decarbonization diplomacy

Decarbonization diplomacy is off to a positive start. You couldn’t say that about the carbon era.

WeaveGrid gets $35M Series B to help electrical grid cope with coming wave of EVs

WeaveGrid's enterprise SaaS integrates data from utilities, automakers, and drivers to help utilities manage the load EVs place on the grid.

Form Energy’s iron-air battery on pace for 2024 launch with $450M Series E

The startup's iron-air chemistry could help store intermittent wind and solar power for far less than the competition.

Multifamily housing has missed the solar boom. PearlX wants to fix that with $70M Series B

Energy startup hopes to bring the financial and climate benefits of solar and storage to renters.

Enverus acquires solar planning solution RatedPower

Enverus, a company specialized in energy-focused software-as-a-service products, has announced that it has acquired RatedPower, a Spanish startup that helps you plan, design and optimize solar power p

Want a Tesla Solar Roof? You may need to shell out for a Powerwall first

At Tesla, the company’s stock price apparently isn’t the only thing that’s climbing lately. Powerwall sales are also poised to rise, now that the automaker’s big batteries are

Odyssey Energy Solutions continues quest to electrify developing economies with $5.3M seed

The startup's platform enables the planning, financing, building and operating of distributed renewable energy projects in developing economies.

One startup’s solution to the carbon-offsetting mess: Downgrade the ‘middle-men’ resellers

As well as the traditional carbon offset resellers and exchanges such as Climate Partner or Climate Impact X, the tech space has also produced a few, including Patch (U.S.-based, raised $26.5 million)

Solar Foods wants to replace industrial animal farming with a high-tech protein harvest

Fermentation has a long, rich history in food production, from beer and wine to yogurt and cheese, leavened bread and coffee, miso and tempeh, sauerkraut and kimchi, to name just a few of the tasty th

Winners, losers abound as Inflation Reduction Act becomes law

As with any legislation, there are winners and losers. But the details matter, and some climate tech sectors got a better deal than others.

Oil and gas didn’t benefit from investor largesse in recent years — but renewables did

For oil and gas companies, steady rates of investment should be a worrying trend.

Porsche signs 25-year solar energy deal

Apparently, solar power is hot right now. Porsche said Monday that it plans to build and operate a solar power microgrid at its U.S. headquarters in Atlanta, reducing its annual carbon emissions by 3.
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