• Renesas aims its chip-making business at self-driving cars

    Renesas aims its chip-making business at self-driving cars

    Like other chipmakers, Japan’s Renesas is putting focus on an emerging industry: autonomous cars. The Tokyo-based company announced the R-Car Consortium at a trade fair in the city this week, highlighting its efforts to bring together engineers and researchers from Japan, the U.S., Europe, China and South Korean companies and academic institutions. The goal of the collaboration is to… Read More

  • Apple Said To Be Looking To Bring Display Chip Design Mostly In-House

    Apple Said To Be Looking To Bring Display Chip Design Mostly In-House

    Apple is looking to acquire a 55 percent stake in a joint venture between Sharp and Taiwanese company Powerchip formed to develop chips for use in smartphone displays, according to a new report by Japan’s Nikkei business newspaper. The stake Apple is after is currently owned by Renesas Electronics, and the division is called Renesas SP Drivers. It consists of around 240 Japan-based… Read More

  • Renesas Shows Next-Generation USB 3.0 Host Controllers

    USB 3.0 is slowly but surely finding its way into the mainstream. Today, major Japanese chip maker Renesas announced [press release in English] two “next-generation” USB 3.0 host controllers, the µPD720201 and µPD720202. Designed for use in PCs and TVs, the controllers boast “industry-leading” data transfer speeds and low power consumption. Read More

  • Coming Soon: Smartphones With 16MP Cameras

    If you look at the batches of new cell phones Japan’s leading mobile carriers have been presenting in recent months, you’ll notice the high-quality cameras some of the models have. And now major Japanese chip maker Renesas (which merged with NEC last year) is even promising [JP] 16MP cameras in future handsets. Read More

  • Strong Demand: Japan's Chipmakers Ask Employees Not To Take Summer Vacations

    Is the electronics industry recovering from the recession? If you ask some of Japan’s biggest tech companies, the answer is a resounding “yes”. Various Japanese media are reporting that the country’s leading chip makers have asked their workers to call off their summer vacations – a highly unusual move, even in Japan. Read More

  • Nikkei: NEC Electronics and Renesas in talks to merge, form world's No. 3 chipmaker

    Consolidation is the Japanese answer to the current economic crisis, especially in the technology sector. The Nikkei, basically Nippon’s Wall Street Journal, today reports that electronics giant NEC Electronics and Renesas Technology are currently negotiating a merger with the aim of closing talks by the end of this month. The result would be a real heavyweight: The biggest chip maker… Read More

  • Renesas to unveil full HD video processor for cell phones

    The days for Japan’s mobile digital TV standard One-Seg may be counted Renesas, the world’s biggest manufacturer of microcontrollers, is planning to unveil a processor that will make it possible to view full HD video in 30fps on cell phones during the ISSCC 2009 (International Solid State Circuits Conference) that will take place in San Francisco from February 8 to 12… Read More