• This PSP 2 render looks better than the real thing

    Once again, the render looks better than the actual product. Specifically, this render for the PSP 2—I emphasize, it’s an unofficial render—looks better than the PSP 3000, the latest revision of the lost-in-this-world PSP. The render, designed by one Tai Chiem, uses a flexible OLED display at the system’s base and works from there: two nubs, stereo speakers that… Read More

  • LG Touch All-in-One unofficial concept: Looks better than the real deal

    If nothing else, these renders look absolutely amazing. It’s the LG Touch All-in-One, a tablet PC-looking device that uses touch screen technology like nobody’s business. (Aside: I need a new phrase to replace “nobody’s business.” I feel like I use that every day.) Apparently the designer, one Yeop Kim, was a little skittish when it came to giving out… Read More