Microsoft Releases New Bluetooth Headset And Media Remote For Xbox 360

The old, white <a HREF="">Xbox</a> media remote was often a godsend. Instead of pressing odd buttons on the controller, the media remote let you control Netflix and DVD

Gesture Remote Forgoes Buttons For A Simple Trackpad

<img src="">TV remotes need a makeover and the Gesture Remote concept might be a step in the right direction. Currently there are

Accessory turns iPhone into a universal remote

<img src="">A company called <a HREF="">New Kinetix</a> is unveiling an attachment that turns

CrunchDeals: Refurbished Logitech Harmony 890 remote for $100

<img src="">Amazon has a pretty aggressive deal on a refurbished Logitech Harmony 890 universal remote control. It’s priced at $99.99,

Crunchdeals: Logitech Harmony 670 Remote

<img src="" />Everyone knows that we here at CrunchGear love <a href=""

GlideTV: Thumb-friendly HTPC remote

<img src="">The GlideTV Navigator is a $150 wireless remote control for use with home theater PC setups. The large-ish center t

Cool $40 HTPC remote features trackpad, QWERTY keypad

<img src="">Here’s what you get when you take a BlackBerry and replace the screen with a trackpad – a nice remote control for an H

Woot! Two-pack of giant remotes for $5

<img src="" alt="remote" />Boy, oh boy. Here's the best deal going on those jaw-droppingly large universal remotes that your gran

Waterproof universal remotes for droolers, spillers, and pool owners

<img src="" alt="remotes" />If you think a waterproof remote control is a good idea, then you're either clumsy, have kids, or you own a pool

CrunchDeals: Logitech Harmony 510 remote for $50

<img src="" alt="remote" width="200" height="200" />Amazon's got the Logitech Harmony 510 remote on sale for just under $50 for

CrunchDeals: Refurbished Harmony 550 remote for $45 (today only)

Amazon has a one-day Gold Box deal on the Logitech Harmony 550 universal remote control. Normally selling for over $100, you can get a refurbished unit for $45 today. The Harmony 550 supports up to 15

DIY: Create a toddler-proof remote control

<img src="">Kid-less people do not understand a young child's obsession with electronics. Being a cell phone or a remote, if their

Apple is exploring a Wiimote-like controller for the next-gen Apple TV

<img src="" />We may see a "remote wand" in the box of the next Apple TV, according to a <a href="

New Gyration Air Mouse coming in October

Prepare to commence hand flailing. Gyration’s new Air Mouse will feature “MotionSense” technology which apparently “delivers precise in-air cursor control,” allowing you to ostensibly pick t

Third party Wii-mote only offers marginal savings

I think that $40 is too much for a Wii remote. There, I said it. So it’s been with great interest that I’ve kept an eye out for a replacement remote for the one I lost, hoping against hope

ESPN's $299 'Ultimate Remote' does Wi-Fi, live stats

At first glance, I thought “Oh, hey, a gimmicky remote with an ESPN logo” but after I started reading about it, it dawned on me that this thing is perfect for sports addicts. It’s ba

High OMG factor present in the tvCompass remote

[photopress:tvCompass.jpg,full,center] I’m a fan of Logitech’s Harmony line of universal remote controls. I’ve got a pretty awesome home-theater set-up in my apartment, and thus I ne

CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Logitech Harmony 520 Universal Remote

If you’re a home theater nerd, as I am, then you probably have more remote controls than limbs. With an HDTV, DVD player, surround sound system, cable box, and other components, it’s easy

Thomson ROC3205 3-in-1 Remote Control Review

I think this is a Euro-only device, but I bought this 3-in-1 universal remote yesterday for my father-in-law here in Poland and I consider it an example of some of the worst quality CE design in the f

TiVo Selling Standalone Series3 Remote

If you’re clinging to your TiVo Series2, but find the the Series3 remote compelling, you’re in luck. TiVo has dubbed it the Glo premium remote and started selling it as a $49.99 standalone
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