• Microsoft Releases New Bluetooth Headset And Media Remote For Xbox 360

    Microsoft Releases New Bluetooth Headset And Media Remote For Xbox 360

    The old, white Xbox media remote was often a godsend. Instead of pressing odd buttons on the controller, the media remote let you control Netflix and DVD videos with ease and it was big and unique enough not to get lost. This new media remote, however, looks less like a bar of Dove soap and more like a traditional remote control. Read More

  • Gesture Remote Forgoes Buttons For A Simple Trackpad

    TV remotes need a makeover and the Gesture Remote concept might be a step in the right direction. Currently there are too many buttons and functions spread across multiple remotes; it’s overwhelming at times and universal remotes only solve part of the problem. This is where the Gesture Remote helps. The entire remote is one trackpad, which allows for intuitive gestures and movement. Read More

  • Accessory turns iPhone into a universal remote

    A company called New Kinetix is unveiling an attachment that turns your iPhone or Touch into a Universal Remote. Useful? Nah, since most of us don’t want to leave the iPhone lying around on the coffee table and then poke at it with Cheeto powdered hands while we watch Dr. Who. There a reason why standalone universal remotes exists. It’s because remotes get beaten up and broken. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Refurbished Logitech Harmony 890 remote for $100

    Amazon has a pretty aggressive deal on a refurbished Logitech Harmony 890 universal remote control. It’s priced at $99.99, today only, down from just under $250 normally. Read More

  • Crunchdeals: Logitech Harmony 670 Remote

    Everyone knows that we here at CrunchGear love Logitech’s Harmory remotes. Normally though, they are really expensive and perhaps out of the reach of the casual buyer. Good news though, Tiger Direct has one hell of a deal on the 670, a IR remote designed to work with pretty much everything out there. Read More

  • GlideTV: Thumb-friendly HTPC remote

    The GlideTV Navigator is a $150 wireless remote control for use with home theater PC setups. The large-ish center trackpad area is surrounded by various buttons while the outside of the remote features media, search, power, and volume controls. Read More

  • Cool $40 HTPC remote features trackpad, QWERTY keypad

    Here’s what you get when you take a BlackBerry and replace the screen with a trackpad – a nice remote control for an HTPC. It’s compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac and uses wireless RF signals to communicate with an included USB receiver. Read More

  • Woot! Two-pack of giant remotes for $5

    Boy, oh boy. Here’s the best deal going on those jaw-droppingly large universal remotes that your grandpa used to switch between Matlock and Wheel of Fortune. is selling not one, but two — two! — gigantic remotes for just $5, plus $5 shipping. Read More

  • Waterproof universal remotes for droolers, spillers, and pool owners

    If you think a waterproof remote control is a good idea, then you’re either clumsy, have kids, or you own a pool and around the pool there’s at least one TV and when people come over, they’re like “Holy smokes, you have an outdoor TV? By your pool, no less?!!” Oh, and you should probably live in Japan because that’s where these waterproof universal remotes… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Logitech Harmony 510 remote for $50

    Amazon’s got the Logitech Harmony 510 remote on sale for just under $50 for a limited time — not a bad deal since it goes for around $70 to $80 or so elsewhere. The universal remote industry in general might — just might — be experiencing slow sales now that people are saving up all their money for boring stuff like food and rent. Oh well. Our gain (as it pertains to… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Refurbished Harmony 550 remote for $45 (today only)

    Amazon has a one-day Gold Box deal on the Logitech Harmony 550 universal remote control. Normally selling for over $100, you can get a refurbished unit for $45 today. The Harmony 550 supports up to 15 devices, has customizable buttons, and is programmed via the web (it’s PC and Mac compatible). The remote comes with four AAA batteries and carries a 90-day warranty. Logitech Harmony… Read More

  • DIY: Create a toddler-proof remote control

    Kid-less people do not understand a young child’s obsession with electronics. Being a cell phone or a remote, if their parent uses the device like crack, the kid wants a piece of the action. It’s not that they want to actually talk to someone or control the TV, but rather mimic what their parents are doing. I have my doubts that this DIY remote will actually hold a… Read More

  • Apple is exploring a Wiimote-like controller for the next-gen Apple TV

    We may see a “remote wand” in the box of the next Apple TV, according to a 64-page patent filing published this week. The wand would control the movement of a cursor on a TV screen much like the Wiimote allows in, say, your home screen. It would also allow for 3D controls. Did they talk to Nintendo about this first? Read More

  • New Gyration Air Mouse coming in October

    Prepare to commence hand flailing. Gyration’s new Air Mouse will feature “MotionSense” technology which apparently “delivers precise in-air cursor control,” allowing you to ostensibly pick the mouse up off your desk, point it at your screen, and click your way through web pages, documents, and more with the greatest of ease. Should you grow weary of in-air… Read More

  • Third party Wii-mote only offers marginal savings

    I think that $40 is too much for a Wii remote. There, I said it. So it’s been with great interest that I’ve kept an eye out for a replacement remote for the one I lost, hoping against hope that we’d all soon see some third party remotes start to pop up. Well, there appear to be some coming from Germany. A company called Hama has some poorly-translated information about… Read More

  • ESPN's $299 'Ultimate Remote' does Wi-Fi, live stats

    At first glance, I thought “Oh, hey, a gimmicky remote with an ESPN logo” but after I started reading about it, it dawned on me that this thing is perfect for sports addicts. It’s basically a universal remote that controls all your A/V stuff, sure, but it also has built-in Wi-Fi and can update real-time scores and stats on the 2.2-inch QVGA screen. The ESPN Ultimate Remote is… Read More

  • High OMG factor present in the tvCompass remote

    [photopress:tvCompass.jpg,full,center] I’m a fan of Logitech’s Harmony line of universal remote controls. I’ve got a pretty awesome home-theater set-up in my apartment, and thus I need a capable control center, and it does the job nicely. When I first discovered the remotes, I was excited: a learning remote with USB? What will they think of next? Enter the tvCompass SR… Read More

  • CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Logitech Harmony 520 Universal Remote

    If you’re a home theater nerd, as I am, then you probably have more remote controls than limbs. With an HDTV, DVD player, surround sound system, cable box, and other components, it’s easy to let remote build-up happen. Sure, there are universal remotes, but for the most part they just consolidate everything into one unit, you still have to tell it every single command. That’s… Read More

  • Thomson ROC3205 3-in-1 Remote Control Review

    I think this is a Euro-only device, but I bought this 3-in-1 universal remote yesterday for my father-in-law here in Poland and I consider it an example of some of the worst quality CE design in the free world. Add the fact that the remote was broken right out of the box and you’ve got one of the biggest turds I’ve ever laid eyes on. Read More

  • TiVo Selling Standalone Series3 Remote

    If you’re clinging to your TiVo Series2, but find the the Series3 remote compelling, you’re in luck. TiVo has dubbed it the Glo premium remote and started selling it as a $49.99 standalone accessory. The Glo features fully backlit and metal domed keys, learning capabilities, improved ergonomics, bigger nav pad and a glossy finish with a chrome perimeter. Better remotes can be had… Read More