SevenHugs Smart Remote Controls Devices By Just Pointing

Point and control. That's the basis of the SevenHugs Smart Remote. Instead of selecting, say, a connected light bulb on a menu in the remote, a user simply points the remote at the light to control it

Apple Patents An Advanced Smart Remote App For Apple TV And iTunes

Apple has a new patent application (via AppleInsider) for a new mobile app that could be used specifically to amp up the Apple TV viewing experience. This would be different from the existing Remote a

Apple Patents An iPhone Camera Remote With Built-In Display

Apple has been granted a patent (via AppleInsider) for a wireless iPhone camera remote control, which has a built-in display for previewing and reviewing photos, and shutter buttons for both still and

DI-Someone else: Wireless motorized mountainboard (with remote!)

Details are sketchy (but there’s lots to learn if you read the comments), but here’s another college student DIY project. Yes, I know it’s a little old, but it’s Sunday, and th

DIY: Nikon IR remote in a Lego

<img src="" alt="" title="LEGO-Nikon-IR-Remote" width="275" height="267" class="alignright size-full wp-image-152647" />Her

The Logitech Harmony 300 doesn’t have a screen but it’s still a Harmony remote

<img src="">The Logitech Harmony 300 might be the last <a href="">Harmony </a>remote released

Behold the Clicker: the ultimate lazy man device

<img src="" />It's fairly easy to find exactly when most Americans started to get fat. All you have to do is go back to the 1950's. S

Control your Canon DSLR with a Nintendo DS

<img src="" />After trying to find a way to remotely control their DSLRs, the clever hackers at HDRLabs couldn't really find anything

CrunchDeals: Logitech Harmony 1100 Remote for $300

<img src="" />Guys! Guys! There's a killer deal on the Logitech Harmony 1100 remote! It's the great big one with the touchscreen, a

Oh yeah: There's a new Apple Remote

For $19 you can get an Apple Remote that looks like an unibody MacBook Pro with black buttons and a different layout. Clearly the Internet has been waiting for this all morning.

CrunchDeals: Logitech Harmony 1000 remote for only $147

<img src="">There isn't anything that impresses more than a touchscreen remote. Sure, the form factor is a little awkwar

Sony pairs a powerful remote with a sexy iPod speaker dock

You have to give it up to the Sony engineers and designers behind these two, new iPod docks. Both new audio systems are swanky as hell and the one pictured above with the large remote almost seems wor

Repossession going electronic with remote vehicle disablers

<img src="">Missing a payment on a leased car might get a whole lot dicier in the near future as more and more dealerships ar

DIY: Create a toddler-proof remote control

<img src="">Kid-less people do not understand a young child's obsession with electronics. Being a cell phone or a remote, if their

AT&T data cards can remotely disable subsidized netbooks for nonpayment

<img src="">New Ericsson-brand mobile 3G data modules apparently have something called a “kill pill” that’s capable of dis

Universal Remote removes the PC setup with the URC Digital R50 remote

The Universal Remote Control Digital R50 universal remote takes the best of today’s remotes and makes the setup even easier without PC setup. The remote can still do all the goodie macro themes

Bryston intros the $500 BR2 Multifunction remote, non-audiophiles look on with astonishment

The Bryston BR2 Multifunction remote is an audiophiles wet dream-type remote. Those type fantasize of spending 500 bones on a 1980’s Zenith TV look alike remote to control their high-end audio

TunesRemote brings remote iTunes control to Android If there was ever any question as to

Remote app doubles as Apple TV keyboard

I’m without an Apple TV but John Gruber of Daring Fireball fame has stumbled upon a new facet of the Remote app that no one else seems to have realized before. Apple doesn’t seem to be tou

Bloops: ESPN remote is teh suk

PC Magazine reviewed the new ESPN Ultimate Remote and found it sorely lacking. The programming mode is the most problematic – it basically uses codes the way older universal remotes did –
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