Remote Control

  • Logitech’s new Pop Home Switch simplifies smart home control

    Logitech’s new Pop Home Switch simplifies smart home control

    Logitech has a new device called the Pop Home Switch, and it’s a bit different from their usual offerings. A company known for Universal Remotes encrusted with physical keys, touchscreen displays and all manner of interaction options is instead going for single-button simplicity. The Pop is a broad button about the size of your palm, which connects to a hub that plugs directly into an… Read More

  • Dish’s $30 remote control will listen when you talk

    Dish’s $30 remote control will listen when you talk

    Soon we’ll all be mumbling to everything in our homes, calling up microwave popcorn and vacuum cleanings like befuddled Scotties in the Voyage Home. Until then Dish is giving us the option of chatting with our TV remotes with the new $30 Voice Remote. The squat remote has a button on the side that activates voice commands like “Watch ESPN,” “Record this,” or… Read More

  • Don’t have an Apple TV? The iPad can also be a Home Hub for HomeKit devices

    Don’t have an Apple TV? The iPad can also be a Home Hub for HomeKit devices

    Yesterday at its annual developer’s conference Apple took the wraps off the next generation of HomeKit, its Internet of Things platform for devices such as smart locks, thermostats and internet appliances. Key among the new features highlighted during the unveiling was that the Apple TV can act as a HomeKit hub, allowing homeowners to remotely and securely access connected devices… Read More

  • Make Your Smart House Actually Smart with Sevenhugs

    SevenHugs Smart Remote Controls Devices By Just Pointing

    Point and control. That’s the basis of the SevenHugs Smart Remote. Instead of selecting, say, a connected light bulb on a menu in the remote, a user simply points the remote at the light to control it. Want to control a Sonos speaker? Point the remote at the speakers and the remote knows to control the device. Read More

  • Drones + X

    Drones + X

    Small drones are advancing quickly. They used to be little else but sophisticated remote-controlled toys and people love to complain when we call them ‘drones’ because that implies that they are at least semi-autonomous (and maybe able to bomb a terrorist (and a few innocent bystanders)). But what’s happening now is that the technology is catching up with the term. Drones… Read More

  • ThinkGeek Sets Phasers To “Gesture-Based Remote Control”

    ThinkGeek Sets Phasers To “Gesture-Based Remote Control”

    Peddler of nerdy wares ThinkGeek has a new product launching just in time for San Diego Comic-Con, and it should give Trekkers more control over when and how they watch their favorite show. The gadget is a hyper-authentic replication of the Phaser from the original Star Trek series, complete with flashing lights, sounds, tactile force feedback and gesture-based remote control of gadgets… Read More

  • Track The Progress Of This 3D-Printed OpenRC Truggy, A Remote Control Car Enthusiast’s Dream

    Track The Progress Of This 3D-Printed OpenRC Truggy, A Remote Control Car Enthusiast’s Dream

    If you’re into 3D printable stuff, or into remote-control cars, then the OpenRC Project is for you. A gentleman in Sweden named Daniel Norée is sharing his progress on a 3D-printed Truggy, as well as sharing the recipe with the OpenRC Project group that he created. A truggy is an off-road vehicle, in case you weren’t sure. The cost of 3D printers is dropping both for at-home use… Read More

  • Some Say He Can Fly. All We Know Is, He's Called The Stig Copter!

    Here’s something you might have missed if you’re not in the UK. Top Gear is one of the most popular television programs in the world. With over 350 million viewers, it’s actually fairly surprising that there aren’t more licensed products out there. I guess James May could have his own line of “Captain Slow” sweaters, Hammond could sell hair products, and… Read More

  • R/C Millennium Falcon Lets You Play Out Your Han Solo Fantasies

    Mini R/C helicopters are really fun to play with, and this model of the Millennium Falcon is no exception. Made from foam and built around a double bladed helicopter motor, this toy will let you reenact all of your favorite scenes from the original Star Wars trilogy. You can pre-order one now from the Star Wars shop for $44.99, and the expected ship date is August 1st. [via Technabob] Read More

  • Hitachi's develops brain signal-powered remote control

    We all knew this would come one day, especially since the basic technology has been around for some time, and now we have it: A brain activity-powered remote control that can be used without you having to lift a finger. The Hitachi device is unfortunately a prototype, but at least they’re planning to commercialize it within three to four years. The technology is being developed not for… Read More

  • NEC prototypes battery-less remote control

    NEC Electronics, an NEC subsidiary, has announced the development of a remote control [JP] that works without using batteries. Every time users push a button on the device, they generate a small amount of electricity through vibration. NEC says this is enough to turn on or off a TV (or any other electric appliance), switch channels or control the volume. Read More

  • RC helicopter looks like Airwolf!!

    Good news, children of the 80s! You can fulfill your life-long dream to be Stringfellow Hawke by flying this miniature remote controlled replica of the Airwolf helicopter! This little guy can fly up, down, backwards, forwards, left and right! You can use your powers of imagination to make believe that it’s actually flying at supersonic speeds. Read More

  • Japanese company sells remote control brick with built-in mini speaker

    I don’t know who exactly needs this but a Japanese company called ELPA (slogan: “We develop a useful commodity for life”) thinks a remote control with a built-in speaker is what we all have been waiting for. Read More

  • Voice-recognition technology finally utilized in remote controls

    Outdated? OKI and a group of researchers of Waseda University in Tokyo have developed a device that is able to extract a person’s voice from a mix of background noise and other persons’ voices. The new voice-extraction technology is combined with a voice-recognition system that makes it possible to control appliances via spoken commands. The prototype (which there are no photos of… Read More

  • CEATEC 2008: Panasonic's futuristic OSD/touchpad remote control (video)
    At the CEATEC 2008, Panasonic drew a huge crowd with its so-called EZ Touch Remote, a remote control that consists of two touchpads separated by a small keyboard. The device superimposes an almost screen-size image of itself on the TV. Users can choose and press buttons by keeping their eyes on the TV, following a “virtual thumb” on the screen. Read More

  • Eizo-C@T-one: Remote controller and optical mouse in one device

    In Japan, display maker Eizo recently started selling an optical mouse [JP] that doubles as a remote controller for TVs and other appliances. Dubbed Eizo-C@T-one, the device is available for $120. The company hasn’t said whether it will ever find its way outside of Japan. The Eizo-C@T-one is equipped with a tilt sensor that makes it possible to immediately switch from mouse to TV… Read More

  • Air Music Remote: One controller for all your media needs

    Movea’s Gyration Air Music Remote with MotionSense may have the longest and stupidest name of all time, but don’t let it fool you because it offers home entertainment buffs the choice of controlling all their media with one remote. The GAMR connects to Windows Media Player and iTunes (displayed on the LCD) over RF and IR for all other A/V equipment. The MotionSense technology… Read More

  • Homebrew Wiimote-Controlled Lego Robocar

    From the “Preposterous Headline” Dept:
    This looks like fun. This guy has put together a C# program that takes input from a Wiimote and passes it to a Lego NXT car with a wireless interface. The program looks pretty powerful and customizable and the car certainly responds right (although there is a little lag). I’d like to think these are the projects I’d do if I were… Read More

  • Tokyo Toy Show coverage, part 3 (final): The coolest electronic toys on video

    The following videos I shot show some of the coolest electronic stuff (not including robots) I have come across at this year’s Tokyo Toy Show. Takara Tomy’s Aero Spider was especially impressive. The same company didn’t allow me to shoot a video of their awesome QFOs (mini UFOs attacking Tokyo). Sorry, but the pictures must do. More videos below… Read More

  • It's a ball, it's a remote control, it's the closest England will get to Euro 2008

    Poor England will be watching Euro 2008 from home, perhaps using this FA-branded ball as a remote control. It can be programmed to work any number of devices, like DVD players, TVs, set top boxes, etc. $40 for the gadget, significantly cheaper than a flight to Vienna. Don’t worry, England. If your FA is smart (a huge “if,” I know) you’ll get Mourinho or Capello as your… Read More