Palm Pre lady remix: Like Jacob's Ladder with cellphones

BBG points us to this Palm Pre commercial remix that forces us to ask the question: Was Tim Robbins dead or dying in the Jacob’s Ladder. Was it like in An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge? Why hav

CrunchGear Remix Contest – Results

<img src="" />Making music is fun. Winning stuff by making music is even more fun! In one month we received more than 50 entries fo

The CrunchGear Remix Contest – Remix Online

<img src="" />We're extending the contest deadline to the<span> </span><strong>7th of June</strong>. Participants can now get an e

The CrunchGear Remix Contest

<img src="" />Here's your chance to win a Maschine from NI and other great prizes (see below). Download the tracks of the song This

Video: High Tech Noon for your weekend enjoyment

It’s not sweded, it’s remixed, and it’s amazing. This is High Tech Noon, High Noon re-imagined digitally with a teleporting cyborg theme. You’re welcome.