•, a community-building app for faith organizations, raises $2M in seed funding, a community-building app for faith organizations, raises $2M in seed funding, an interfaith mobile app that helps religious leaders keep in touch with their congregants, will grow its team after receiving $2 million in seed funding. The round was led by Science Inc., a startup studio whose portfolio also includes Dollar Shave Club and DogVacay, with participation from Greylock Partners and Spark Capital. Read More

  • Halal investment tool for Muslims lands a $5 million seed round

    Halal investment tool for Muslims lands a $5 million seed round

    For religious Muslims looking to get started with investing, the options are limited. Average Muslim investors can’t afford the kind of nuanced advice that a high end financial advisor can provide, but they can’t just throw money at a random fund that might not be Sharia-compliant either. Wahed CEO Junaid Wahedna believes there’s a better way — and with a new $5… Read More

  • GoodLands partners with ESRI to launch the Catholic Geographic System

    GoodLands partners with ESRI to launch the Catholic Geographic System

    Religion and technology are not two phrases that often go hand in hand. Molly Burhans is looking to change that. Growing up Catholic in upstate New York, Burhans had the intention of becoming a nun. However, after studying landscape and ecological design in graduate school, she discovered a different calling. In her coursework, Burhans begin using geographic or geospatial information… Read More

  • When Robots Come To Pray Crunch Network

    When Robots Come To Pray

    A developer colleague of mine recently went on and on about Google Photos. He knew my background in computational neuroscience and thought I would be interested in what Google was doing with deep learning. That night I moved all my iPhone photos from an external hardware to The Magical Cloud, then forgot about it for a week. Read More

  • A first? Muslim woman refuses to submit to airport body scan, not allowed to board flight

    It finally happened. A Muslim woman in Manchester refused to submit to a full-body airport body scanner and was thus barred from boarding her flight. She cited her Muslim faith, which might have been expected, as to why she refused to submit to the scan. I don’t trust the Internet to react to this news with any aplomb whatsoever. Read More

  • Is God too busy to read your Tweets? Apparently not.

    Yup, you can now tweet God, as it were. There’s a Twitter account,@thekotel, that takes your tweets, prints them out, then takes ’em to the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Read More

  • Would you give up Facebook (or the iPhone) for Lent?

    We’re right in the middle of Lent, a time for certain followers of certain religious beliefs to give something up for the greater good. And more power to ’em, I say. What’s interesting to us here is: would you consider giving up something like Facebook (that’s for the TechCrunch crowd) or, say, Xbox 360 or your iPhone (for the CrunchGear guys)? Several Fordham… Read More

  • Did you see that crazy Pope video on YouTube?

    Any Papists in the house? Hooray for everything, then, as the Vatican has just launched its own dedicated YouTube channel. Now you can watch Pope Benedict XVI, in all his heavenly splendor, demand that y’all leave Steve Jobs alone. Something like that. Read More

  • Vatican *blesses* new iPhone prayer app

    Well look at that, the Vatican has blessed (lol get it?!) an iPhone application that contains the Breviary prayer book. The application, iBreviary [iTunes link], has the book in several languages, including Italian, English and Spanish (with others due soon), and will only set you back $0.99. Read More

  • Tales of a teenage Christian robot

    John Brownlee at BBG has written one of the most compelling posts of the past forty five minutes to an hour. His essay, essentially recounting his starring role as a Christian robot in a school play and the heart-stoppingly horrible explanation he received from his teacher regarding sentient robots is well worth the read. Read More

  • Singer defends ‘offensive’ LittleBigPlanet song, says it was meant to attract people to Islam

    Let me save you the trouble of reading more than 1,000 words regarding the removal of that offensive-to-Muslims song in LittleBigPlanet. It’s a thorough report, sure, but my goodness, this isn’t exactly affairs of state or anything. • Using Koranic words is not forbidden in Islam • The singer uses the words to “attract and inspire people toward Islam,” not… Read More

  • Release of LittleBigPlanet delayed over fear of offending Muslims

    LittleBigPlanet has been delayed by about a week over concerns that it may offend Muslims. The game, which was supposed to ship today, was found to have a song that contains phrases from the Koran. As such, Sony has pushed back the game’s release to October 29. The offending phrases were found by a Muslim gamer who was playing the beta. The singer of the song, “Tapha Niang,”… Read More

  • Anti-Spore Web site calls the game an attack on Christianity for teaching evolution

    I’m starting to think this anti-Spore site is merely a prank. It’s worded too perfectly to be On The Real™. Right, so even though Spore has been favorably reviewed (despite the DRM uproar), a pious Christian is taking the game to task for promoting “biggest attack on Christian values to date.” Ok, terrific! The site, faithfully titled Anti-Spore, slams Will… Read More

  • UK nerds developing "real" Jedi Academy; By comparison, my odds of getting lucky just went up

    [photopress:tags_bestwick01_i.jpg,full,center] I’m a huge Star Wars fan. Very big. But I realize it’s the results of the imagination of a guy from Modest, CA. See, George Lucas is a creator. He wrote Star Wars as a new take on Science Fiction, and it was awesome. But you shouldn’t base you religion on the writers of Science Fiction, unless your name is Tom Cruise. Jedi to… Read More

  • Today's religious teens forgo social networking for Lent

    [photopress:god.jpg,full,center] Do you know what I gave up for Lent? Nothing, I’m not religious. But kids these days, I tell you! Do you know what they’re giving up for Lent? MySpace. And Facebook. In this modern, connected world of Social Networking, that’s quite a fast indeed. Sites like Facebook and MySpace can be quite addictive, and I can only imagine the anguish these… Read More

  • Hackers declare war on Scientology in YouTube video: Kids have too much time on their hands

    Why are people so infatuated with Scientology? Really, who cares? Laughably, this video that surfaced at the weekend “declares war” on the religion. TorrentFreak interviewed the group responsible—or at least someone claiming to be knowledgeable about the group—for the video and they come across as a bunch of shrill 14-year-olds: “Our ultimate goal is to let… Read More

  • Churches turn to Halo 3 for new recruits

    Shooting video game guns for Jesus (SVGGFJ) I remember when churches used to encourage young men to take up arms for the cross, telling them to raze faraway towns because their people prayed to a different man in the sky than they did. Now churches have to haul out Halo 3 just to get Johnny Runnynose to show up on Wednesday evenings. Yup, the Times sent a guy to the middle of nowhere to report… Read More

  • For God So Loved The World He Created Building B?

    I’m not a religious man, per se, but let’s just assume that I believe in some sort of cosmic energy force that connects everyone and everything in space and time and that, for the sake of argument, we’ll refer to this entity as “God”. My advice to you would be to let God be the wireless router on the superhighway of life. Now let’s assume that there’s… Read More

  • The AudioFile: Heavenly Audio Gear

    In my Brooklyn neighborhood, I’m surrounded by Christians, Hasidic and non-Hasidic Jews, Rastafarians, Santeria initiates, and the occasional Sikh. The MP3 player market must have similar diversity, right?naïveriffic! Well, not quite… in fact, I was disappointed at the dearth of religious zeal wrapped in a shamelessly commercial product–though Kosher cell phones do give me… Read More

  • iRosary: Worship the Bishop of Rome and Rock Out to Groovy Tunes

    Celebrate your love for God and music with the iRosary, a concept by Tino Dobra. The iRosary combines a rosary’s beads—here, just one bead that acts as a cord length regulator—and a crucifix with the iPod’s earbud cords. So now you can jog in the park or pump serious iron with the Good Lord watching your back. There’s also a mode that helps users learn prayers. Read More