Release Dates

T-Mobile ships some G1 pre-orders early, may start arriving as soon as Friday

With hundreds of thousands of G1s already pre-ordered, it looks like T-Mobile may have decided to celebrate by opening the floodgates a few days early. A number of users have reported that their order

Mozilla aiming for Firefox Mobile release before 2010

Ever since that concept video sprouted up back in June, I’ve been achin’ to put my hands all over Mozilla’s venture into the mobile realm, Firefox Mobile. When Mitchell Baker publish

HTC Dream shelf date slips… forward?

In a pleasant change from the normal handset release rigmarole, it looks like the Android-powered HTC Dream might actually show up earlier than we expected. While just yesterday a source revealed to u

Wii Gets Date, Price

Well we were off by about a week–the Nintendo Wii will be released on Sunday, November 19. It will cost $250 and is going to ship with Wii Sports, which includes golf, bowling, baseball and tenn