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How to make the most of your investor relationships in 2023

For founders winding down from a challenging year and planning for the new year, this is an excellent time to reevaluate your relationships with the investors you work with.

Clay debuts a new tool to help people better manage their business and personal relationships

A new startup called Clay, backed by $8 million in seed funding, has built a system designed to help you be more thoughtful with the people in your life, which operates somewhat like a personal CRM. W

‘The Operators’: Experts from Airbnb and Carta on building and managing your company’s customer support

Airbnb's Global Product Director of Customer and Community Support, and Carta's Head of Enterprise Relationship Management share how companies should be thinking about customer service.

RelateIQ Launches With $29M From Formation 8, Dustin Moskovitz And More To Be Your Next-Gen Relationship Manager

Last summer, word started to trickle out about a young, stealth startup called <a target="_blank" href="">RelateIQ</a> that was rumored to be one of the more ambitio