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As compliance pressure mounts, businesses turn to regulatory technology

More than seven years after the financial crisis began, economies worldwide are growing. Much of the recovery has been led by government spending, including massive sums on infrastructure projects, wh

Tax compliance software company Avalara raises $96 million

Death and taxes may be the only two certainties in life (according to Ben Franklin), but tax compliance software provider Avalara has raised $96 million with a pitch to make one a lot less painful. T

General Data Protection Regulation: A Milestone Of The Digital Age

The conventional wisdom is that the recently agreed-upon General Data Protection Regulation is the most-lobbied piece of legislation in the history of the European Union. I’m not quite sure how you

Why Startups Should Leverage Compliance

Business Insider recently reported that “The Clearing House, an advocacy group owned by the world's largest commercial banks, is gunning for payment startups.” Not surprisingly, the banks don’t

PayPal Stops Foreign Charity Donations From Singapore Accounts

PayPal phases out donations to foreign non-profits and charities from Singapore accounts starting tomorrow, the 21st of March, and will complete this by the end of the month. This decision is a result