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Easy Wii hack for region-free gaming coming soon

A lot of people are annoyed that the Wii is not a region-free system. They’re quick to point out that the PS3 is 100% region-free and most of Xbox 360 games (about 50-70%) are too. A few people

… and you will know us by the trail of region-free Blu-ray players

Alert! A rather amateur looking Web site is now selling region-free Blu-ray players. The site,, wants €499, or $785, for the Panasonic DMP-BD30. The regular price for the player is ar

Datel's Freeloader now out for Wii: Region-free gaming ahoy

[photopress:wfl.jpg,full,right] Datel has released Freeloader for the Nintendo Wii (which, incidentally, is a lot more fun when you’ve got a nice buzz going, as I found out last night). The unli