Retailers cashing in on Wii shortages by forcing bundles; Reggie not amused

I was recently at Fry’s buying, I don’t know, something. They had a stack of hard-to-find Wiis right up front, a great big pallet. I thought about grabbing one, then realized it cost $329.

Win Reggie's Wii for Charity, Laughs

. We love Reggie, we love helping, and we love long time that they’re together. It’s currently just over $1,000, but that’s a bargain when you realize some day this man’s signa

Wii Multiplayer In Q2 2007

Nintendo of America’s top guy Reggie Fils-Aime stated in an interview that online Wii gaming won’t be available until Q2 2007. He implied that the first of the multiplayer enabled games wi