Amazon will refund millions of unauthorized in-app purchases made by kids

Amazon will refund millions of unauthorized in-app purchases kids made on mobile devices, having now dropped its appeal of┬álast year’s ruling┬áby a federal judge who sided with the Federal Trad

Activision offering swap or Wiifund on Guitar Hero III disks

[photopress:slash.jpg,full,center] We know there are a lot of you out there, so we had to make sure you didn’t miss this. If you’re a Wii-loving Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock player, yo

XM Offering Credit For Downtime

You may have heard that XM was down for almost a whole day and then it came back online. When a service you shell out money for on a monthly basis goes down, you’d obviously expect a credit of s

Use Vonage Or VoIP? You May Be Entitled To Some Bucks

As you may or may not have noticed on your normal phone bill, there’s a federal excise tax on long-distance phone service. Not only do consumers loathe it, but the government does as well. So as

Cingular Forced to Refund Customers To the Tune of $18.5 Million

Thousands of California Cingular customers can look forward to receiving a $160 check in the mail thanks to a recent settlement. You see, back between 2000 and 2002, Cingular’s network stunk on