Embark’s self-driving truck completes 2,400 mile cross-U.S. trip

Embark’s autonomous trucking solution just demonstrated what it could be capable of in a big way: It make a coast-to-coast trip from L.A. to Jacksonville, Florida, driving 2,400 miles from one e

Microsoft is putting Cortana machine learning in a fridge

Microsoft is working with Liebherr’s appliance division to rebuild the refrigerator and make it smarter, faster, strong; well, maybe just smarter. The new collaboration between the two will see

Helping people, for once: A refrigerator that doesn't require electricity

Someone decided to be clever and actually put technology to good use (as opposed to pouring endless amounts of money into developing bigger and bigger TVs), having developed a refrigerator of sorts th

IFA 2008 Overload: Home Appliances

IFA 2008 offers the curious spectator an awful lot to look at.  There are hundreds of televisions, computers, projectors, stereos, navigation systems, MP3 players, and all other manner of gadget cove

Hitachi fridge emits Vitamin C to keep frozen food fresh

Hitachi announced in Japan [JP] they will start selling the R-Y6000, a new refrigerator capable of emitting Vitamin C to keep stored food fresh, on September 24. The fridge is Nippon-only at this poin