• Phononic raises a cool $40 million to make quiet, spacious refrigerators

    Phononic raises a cool $40 million to make quiet, spacious refrigerators

    Refrigeration and air conditioning used to require vapor compressors, chemicals like Freon, fans, water chillers or passive heat sinks. But a North Carolina company called Phononic has developed solid-state refrigeration technology instead. Phononic, which employs about 110 full-time today, just raised an additional $40 million in equity funding to rapidly expand manufacturing of its… Read More

  • Phononic raises $30 million to rethink refrigeration

    Phononic raises $30 million to rethink refrigeration

    A startup based in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park, Phononic, wants to make refrigeration and temperature control far more efficient, and steadier, than is possible with traditional systems. Instead of relying on vapor compressors, fans, chillers or passive heat sinks, Phononic makes semiconductors that are smaller than a dime, and actively remove heat from the places or… Read More

  • Phononic Devices Raises $10 Million To Turn Heat Waste Into Energy

    A Raleigh, North Carolina-based maker of thermoelectric coolers and generators, Phononic Devices, closed a $10 million series B investment from Venrock and Oak Investment Partners, the companies revealed today. Often explained as “solid-state heat pumps,” thermoelectric technology (a.k.a. thermoelectrics) can capture wasted heat, and convert it into power. They can also displace… Read More

  • Samsung Refrigerates RFID

    If you’ve been following the RFID craze, then this one might be of some interest to you. Samsung is readying a refrigerator that can monitor its contents via RFID. So as contents get low the fridge can tally a shopping list so you know exactly what you purchase on your next grocery visit. It can also purportedly create display recipes based on the available ingredients. Pretty… Read More

  • Drink-O-Matic

    I hardly even drink canned drinks, but I want one of these things. It’s a mini-’50s-vintage-looking vending machine. The device stores 10-cans, two per shelf, and dispenses them at your pleasure. It can cool to 30-degrees below its external temperature and can be powered by either AC or DC. Which means you can stick one on your dashboard so you can have cold beer while… Read More