Reframe It

  • Reframe It Raises $2.3 Million For Web Annotation Product

    Reframe It, a web annotation startup, has just raised $2.3 million in funding according to an SEC filing. Investors include The Sacramento Angels, the Sierra Angels, the North Bay Angels, the Silicon Valley Angels, Esther Dyson, Mark Walsh, John Schirer, Allen Miner, and Daniel Zumino (Sierra and Sacramento led the round). Reframe It previously raised $700,000 from AD Gilhart & Co., and… Read More

  • Blerp Aims To Turn The Web Into One Big Forum

    San Francisco startup RocketOn, the company behind a virtual world platform that bares the same name, has more tricks up its sleeve and is today showing off the second product it created. The web application it’s introducing today is dubbed Blerp, and its ambition is to turn the Web into a giant interactive message board by making it possible for visitors to add text comments and… Read More

  • Reframe It Retreads Web Annotation As A Browser Add-On

    The idea of annotating the Web has been around for a long time. It goes back to a failed Web 1.0 startup called Third Voice. Today there are a handful of Web startups (Diigo, Fleck, Stickis, ShiftSpace, TrailFire) that let you mark up any Web page by adding virtual sticky notes or comments in a sidebar. One of these, ActiveWeave, had to reboot as BlogRover and eventually sold itself to… Read More