• The Best News-Reading App, Reeder 2, Returns To Mac

    The Best News-Reading App, Reeder 2, Returns To Mac

    For all five of us who still prefer managing our own news-reading experience through a dedicated RSS reader application, there’s good news out today: One of the best news readers on the market, Reeder 2, has finally returned to the Mac. The Mac application had been unavailable for nearly a year, following the shutdown of Google Reader, because it was built on top of the search… Read More

  • MobileRSS Backs Down, Will Remove Similarities To Reeder

    This afternoon, we wrote a post about the popular RSS feed reader, Reeder, calling out rival MobileRSS for design theft. As we noted, the community was starting to rally around Reeder, as both Read It Later and Instapaper, two of the most popular bookmarking services which work with both apps, blocked MobileRSS from using their APIs as a show of support for Reeder. But MobileRSS had yet to… Read More

  • Reeder Calls Out MobileRSS For Design Theft, Community Backlash Begins

    When it comes to RSS readers, there’s no question that my preference is to use Reeder. Whether on iPhone, iPad, or the Mac, their apps brings a usability and elegance to an otherwise ugly medium. And obviously, design is a huge part of that. So when Reeder developer Silvio Rizzi saw that exact design being used by a competitor, MobileRSS, he was obviously pissed off. And from the looks… Read More

  • Reeder For Mac Beta Goes Live. Reeder For iPhone Gains Facebook Support

    A couple weeks ago, we did a preview of Reeder for Mac, a new RSS desktop client. In my mind, Reeder for iPhone/iPad is easily the best RSS reading app out there, and Reeder for Mac continues that tradition. But now you can find out for yourself. Developer Silvio Rizzi has released the first public beta today right here. Rizzi is careful to note that this is just “Draft 1” of… Read More

  • RSS Is Dead, But Reeder For Mac Makes It A Beautiful Corpse [Preview]

    For a long time after the launch of the iPhone, despite thousands of apps for just about everything you can imagine, there was no killer RSS reader app. That changed when the 2.0 version of Reeder arrived earlier this year. It’s so good that I often prefer using it to reading feeds in Google Reader, long my go-to RSS reader. And the iPad version is even better. And now it’s about… Read More

  • Reeder, The Best Feed Reader On The iPhone Is About To Launch On The iPad

    Two months after its launch, there are no shortage of RSS readers for the iPad. But I’ve tried most of them, and still find them all lacking in some way. In fact, the one I’m still using the most is not optimized for the iPad at all — Reeder. As we noted back in March, with the 2.0 launch, Reeder finally brought an excellent RSS app to the iPhone. And shortly, it will… Read More

  • Reeder 2.0: Finally, An Awesome iPhone Feed Reader Arrives

    Reeder 2.0: Finally, An Awesome iPhone Feed Reader Arrives

    One of about a half dozen tabs that I always have open in my web browser on my desktop or laptop is Google Reader. Even though other sources such as Twitter and Facebook are now better at uncovering news more quickly, Reader remains a great catch-all backup plan for the content I read online. But I’m increasingly finding myself browsing for news on my iPhone. And sadly, all the Google… Read More