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Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Announces $100M Philanthropic Education Fund

Reed Hastings took to Facebook Tuesday to announce that he would be personally funding a new $100 million philanthropic fund, focusing exclusively on education-related projects and organizations. T

Netflix CEO Says Account Sharing Is OK

Remember when HBO’s CEO said the company was cool with users sharing their HBO GO passwords? Well, apparently, Netflix feels the same way. In an under-the-radar announcement from last week&#8217

Netflix CEO: Actually, There’s “Not Nearly Enough” TV

Are there just too many TV shows right now? You may remember that's what FX Networks CEO John Landgraf told reporters and critics over the summer — that there's "simply too much television." Well

Netflix Splits Stock And Icahn Cashes Out, Volatility Ensues

It's been a busy 24 hours for Netflix stock. Yesterday the company announced that its board has approved a 7-for-1 stock split. This announcement immediately sent shares soaring more than 3 percent

Netflix Raising $1.5B In Debt To Invest Big In Content Acquisitions And More

As streaming video competition continues to grow between Netflix, Amazon, Google, Facebook and others, one of the leaders of the pack is planning to invest big in content acquisitions and investment

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Makes The Case (Again) For ‘Strong Net Neutrality’

Streaming video company Netflix is dependent on connecting with ISP networks like Comcast's to reach their subscribers, and that has become an issue for the company as it has recently been forced to p

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings On Arrested Development, Managing Content Licenses, And Coming Back From The Qwikster Debacle

In an interview at the D11 conference, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos talked about the company's plans for more original programming, as well as its relationship to o

Netflix Gets Social In The U.S. Thanks To Facebook Partnership, After Over A Year Of Lobbying And Lawmaking

Netflix today introduced Facebook integration for U.S. users, allowing subscribers who opt in to see what their friends have been watching and what they like best when logged into the service. The int

With Overseas Subscribers Topping 6M, Netflix Puts A Hold On Expanding Into International Markets

Streaming media giant, Netflix, released its fourth quarter earnings report today, and it was an auspicious one. The company's revenue and subscriber numbers well exceeded expectations, with $945 mill

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings: Subscription Growth Miss Was A “Forecasting Error,” Long-Term Outlook Still Positive

Today, on Netflix's third quarter investor call, Netflix co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings and CFO David Wells addressed the issue of Netflix's brand recovery -- something many Netflix users and invest

Reed Hastings Won’t Be Returning To Microsoft’s Board, Will Skip Re-Election

Today, <a target="_blank" href="">Microsoft announced a shakeup</a>

Reed Hastings: “We Expect DVD Subscribers To Decline Every Quarter … Forever”

After some <a href="">fairly sizable blunders last summer</a>, Netflix suffe

(Keen On) … Customer Service Guru: Reed Hastings Deserves Everything That He Gets (TCTV)

Netflix is not only in the movie business, it is also turning into this year’s biggest corporate horror story. Having <a href="

Reed Hastings: Netflix DVD Shipments "May Go Down The First Time Ever" This Quarter

<img src=""/> Netflix is leading the charge when it comes to streaming movies and TV shows over the Internet. It's <a href="https://tech

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings: In Ten Years, "We Will All Have A Gigabit To The Home"

<img src=""> Netflix is <a href="">blowing the doors off its business</a>,

Future of Streaming and the Many Reasons Jeff Bewkes Is Wrong (TCTV)

<img class="alignleft size-full wp-image-254552" title="FF.Netflix_f" src="" alt="" width="270" height="300" /><em>“It’s a little b

Hastings On Hulu Plus: If They Become A Competitor, That's Probably Healthy For Us

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-245532" title="h" src="" alt="" />Today at the <a href="">Web 2.0 Summit</a> i

Netflix's Reed Hastings on the New War for the Digital Livingroom [TCTV]

<img class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-229747" title="oldtv" src="" alt="" width="300" height="199" /></a>As promised, here is the se

Netflix Proved Me Hugely Wrong [TCTV]

<img class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-229599" title="Reed-Hastings-2" src="" alt="" width="300" height="175" />This week I

Microsoft Buys Netflix

…founder Reed Hastings a lunch at the local bistro, surely to welcome him on to Microsoft’s board. That’s right, Mr. Hastings has now joined Microsoft as an official board-member, mo