• Dev-Team getting closer to releasing redsn0w, the iPod touch 2G jailbreaking app

    The infamous Dev-Team dropped a big hint in the form of an image a few days ago that the hacker group was developing an iPod touch 2G jailbreaking app. Now, not only did the group confirm that the iPod touch 2G was the target device for redsn0w, but have gotten a bit closer to the goal. It seems that the process has been done but is still too manual for geeks like us. They plan on packaging… Read More

  • Dev Team teases iPod Touch 2G owners with redsn0w preview

    Yellowsn0w, the illustrious iPhone 3G jailbreaking software, launched at the beginning of this month and the Dev Team is already toiling hard at their next release. Even though the group hasn’t officially announced that redsn0w is the iPod Touch 2G jailbreaking software, it more than likely is. When Apple stuffed a better CPU into the latest Touch, it broke the original jailbreaking… Read More