• Redfly Mobile Companions now play nicely with BlackBerrys

    Alright, BlackBerry owners, don’t rush all at once. I know you probably wanna get in on the Redfly mobile companion game but we need to remember to act civilized. It’s understandable that you’re excited that Redfly can now kick it with BlackBerrys along with Winmo phones, but don’t flood the servers all at one time. Read More

  • Redfly Mobile Companions will soon play with Blackberrys

    Slowly but surely, Redfly is carving out a niche market for itself. Previously only Windows Mobile phones worked with the smartphone companion, but soon Blackberry users can join in on the fun. A free update is coming sometime in the next few months that will allow Blackberry Bold 9000, Curve 8900, and Tour 9630 to sync with the Redfly C8N and C7. Read More

  • Memphis police purchase and deploy 1,200 REDFLY units

    The REDFLY Mobile Companion embiggens even the smallest of compatible Windows Mobile smartphones and PDAs. In light of this, the Memphis police department just threw down for 12,000 of the devices and deployed them in their cruisers, saying, “The REDFLYs save hardware costs while increasing productivity and also improving the quality and accuracy of the officers’ field reports.” Read More

  • Redfly pushes back, offers PC functionality and something else that is mysterious

    The Redfly is a cool little device, but while it worked perfectly I was afraid it would quickly find itself unnecessary in a world where you can get a full-featured Atom-powered netbook for the same price and with the same small size. Redfly seems to have noticed that and they’re bringing some interesting stuff to the market. See what they’ve got cookin’ inside. Read More

  • RedFly and RedFly: The Next Generation

    Attentive readers may remember seeing the RedFly mobile companion device floating around over the last several months. I’ve had one for a while here to check out, and now that RedFly is going to be updating the line, I thought it’d be a good time to weigh in. In case you haven’t cared to check just yet, read on for just what this little doodad is all about and what is in… Read More

  • Redfly drops in price to $399, supports a bunch of new phones

    I’ve got one of these sitting in my apartment right now, and we’ll have a review for you soon — but if you’re already convinced of the usefulness of these little smartphone symbiotes, now would be a good time to pick one up. They’ve just dropped $100 in price and now they support a dozen more phones — Treos, Touches, Tilts, and a ton of other WinMo… Read More

  • Celio's Redfly unboxed

    Most of the CG team really likes Celio’s Redfly AKA the Foleo that wasn’t. It weighs two points, has a VGA out and two USB ports, and is, as Rob writes, a dumb terminal for a Windows Mobile cellphone. That’s right: it doesn’t have an OS. It connects to your phone and all the processing power comes from there. Oh, and it costs $500. Next. Read More

  • RedFly smartphone companion pre-orders begin

    If you’ve been waiting with bated breath for the $500 RedFly mobile companion to be released, your wait is almost over. Redfly’s taking preorders for the device. If you’re an IT manager or you’ve got super deep pockets, you can even order a five- or -ten-pack for $2,495 or $4,990, respectively. Though the device might not appeal to everyone, I spoke with… Read More

  • REDFLY smartphone companion groped by ZDNet

    Matthew Miller over at ZDNet got an early look at the REDFLY Windows Mobile Smartphone Companion, a Palm Foleo-esque device that more or less enlarges your smartphone’s screen to 800 x 480 (8-inch LCD) and gives you a trackpad, larger keyboard, two USB ports (used for charging, mice, flash drives, etc.), and VGA output. Read More

  • Redfly announces a sub-sub-notebook to be shown at CES

    The Foleo was, alas, a non-starter. The subcompact form factor, however, has a champion now in the form of the Asus Eee PC, and Redfly thinks that maybe the time is right for someone to take a shot at the sub-sub-compact. This thing is small enough to fit in your purse, guys, and although it’d be cool if it was running some kind of compact Linux distro, it’s got a custom OS that… Read More