Redfin Launches Offer Insights To Show You Real Time Data On Real Estate Bidding Wars

Online real estate broker <a target="_blank" href="">Redfin</a> just launched a new feature called Offer Insights, which not only tells you what houses are on the market, but also wha

If Silicon Valley Stocks Are Down, Why Are Home Prices Up?

<strong>Editor's note: </strong><em><a target="_blank" href="">Glenn Kelman</a>, is CEO of Redfin, <a target="_blank" href="">a technology-powere

Redfin Raises Another $14.8 Million To Reinvent The Real Estate Market

Real estate is a market that's full of inefficiencies, headaches, and price gouging. Thankfully, there are a handful of startups looking to fix it, one of which is Seattle-based <a href="

Who Should You Trust? Redfin Launches A Scouting Report For 1 Million Real Estate Agents

<a href="">Redfin</a>, the online platform for real estate search and brokerage services, has made some noise in the past, building a service that's currently being valued at

Wait, Me Too! I Am Also Secretly A Deep Cover Russian Spy

<img src='' class="snap_nopreview shot" alt="" /><em>"On Monday, federal prosecutors accused 11 people of being part of a Russian espionage rin

Redfin Hits $30 Million In Revenue In Quest To Rip Apart Real Estate Industry

<img src='' class="shot2" alt="" />I sat down with <a href="">Redfin</a> CEO <a href="

Memo to CEOs And Founders: Share The Love

When we split the atom, Einstein remarked that everything changed but our way of thinking. You could make the same argument about acquisitions and option pools. As Mark Suster <a href="http://www.clo

Good Question! The Eight Best Questions We Got While Raising Venture Capital

<img src="" width="123" height="155" /> For startups, Christmas comes in November. Partners come back from vacation in September

Already Profitable Redfin Raises Another $10 Million

<img src="" width="215" height="196" />Seattle based <a href="">Redfin</a>, an online real estate startup, has ra

Online Real Estate Broker Redfin Adds More Recent Sales Data And Links To Blogs

<img src="" width="215" height="153" /> Online real estate broker <a href="">Redfin</a> is revamping its we

Redfin Turns Profitable, Real Estate Industry Shudders

<img src="" width="215" height="196" />An interesting tidbit from today's <a href="

The Naked Truth 2009 Slides: Show Me The Money

<img src="" width="215" height="154" />Taking place tonight in Seattle is <a href="http://thenake

Taking Advantage Of The DOJ Settlement, Redfin Lists More Data: Tiptoes Into New York

<img src="" width="214" height="120" /> The real estate slump is still dragging the economy down, but real estate sites that c

Redfin Rolls Out The Welcome Mat For Foes Amidst Real Estate Crisis

<img src="" width="177" height="200" /> In a surprising move, online real estate brokerage <a href="">Redf

Real Estate Search Engine Roost Closes An $8 Million B Round

<img src="" /> The economy is in the hole, and real estate is in an even deeper hole. What better time to invest in a real estate search engin

The First-Time CEO's Recession Survival Guide

<img title="Redfin CEO Glenn Harris Kelman" src="" /> Startups can be the most conservative organizations in the world. We spend so

MLS Tired of Zillow, Trulia: Goes Direct To Consumers

<img alt="" />The largest Multiple Listing Service system, MRIS, covers real estate listings from 60,000 professionals in the mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. (Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virgini

How Accurate Are Listings On Real Estate Sites?

Earlier this week in a post comparing real estate sites Trulia and Zillow, I suggested that the most important success factor for these sites is how comprehensive they are. The more listings the bette

Computer vs. Realtor: Computer Wins. Twice.

Seattle based Redfin, a service that you use in lieu of a buyers broker or agent when buying a house. We explained their model in detail when they launched in mid 2006. A year later the company was in

Redfin Continues To Shrink The Real Estate Market

Venture capitalist Josh Kopelman has stated that he likes startups that shrink markets – “We love investing in technologies and business models that are able to shrink existing markets. If
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