• Redfin Raises Another $14.8 Million To Reinvent The Real Estate Market

    Redfin Raises Another $14.8 Million To Reinvent The Real Estate Market

    Real estate is a market that’s full of inefficiencies, headaches, and price gouging. Thankfully, there are a handful of startups looking to fix it, one of which is Seattle-based Redfin. Today the company — which has proven to be so disruptive that angry real estate professionals were harassing the startup in its earlier days — has just raised another $14.8 million for… Read More

  • Who Should You Trust? Redfin Launches A Scouting Report For 1 Million Real Estate Agents

    Who Should You Trust? Redfin Launches A Scouting Report For 1 Million Real Estate Agents

    Redfin, the online platform for real estate search and brokerage services, has made some noise in the past, building a service that’s currently being valued at $230 million, at least according to trading on SharesPost. It’s been a little while since we’ve heard some big news from the Seattle-based company, but this morning the real estate brokerage is releasing a cool new… Read More

  • Wait, Me Too! I Am Also Secretly A Deep Cover Russian Spy

    Wait, Me Too! I Am Also Secretly A Deep Cover Russian Spy

    “On Monday, federal prosecutors accused 11 people of being part of a Russian espionage ring, living under false names and deep cover in a patient scheme to penetrate what one coded message called American “policy making circles.”” They weren’t particularly good spies, apparently. They were directed to gather information on nuclear weapons, American policy toward… Read More

  • Redfin Hits $30 Million In Revenue In Quest To Rip Apart Real Estate Industry

    I sat down with Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman and investor/board member James Slavet to talk about the continued success of the Seattle-based company. Warning in advance – the interview was done at the end of the day and we were drinking beer from our new kegerator, and we rambled at times. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon viewing, in my opinion. Kelman announced in the video that Redfin is now on… Read More

  • Memo to CEOs And Founders: Share The Love

    When we split the atom, Einstein remarked that everything changed but our way of thinking. You could make the same argument about acquisitions and option pools. As Mark Suster recently noted, employees will never see a big payday at most startups unless the company shoots for the moon. This is probably why investors’ case for a company to sell early focuses exclusively on the founder… Read More

  • Good Question! The Eight Best Questions We Got While Raising Venture Capital

    For startups, Christmas comes in November. Partners come back from vacation in September and deals start closing a few months later; since the credit crisis deferred fund-raising for most of the past year, November 2009 will probably end up being especially busy. Redfin is one of the companies that just closed a round. Already the process has resulted in a huge shift in our mindset: from… Read More

  • Already Profitable Redfin Raises Another $10 Million

    Seattle based Redfin, an online real estate startup, has raised another $10 million in a venture capital round led by Greylock Partners. Existing investors Madrona Venture Group, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Vulcan Capital and The HIllman Company all participated in the round, and Greylock’s James Slavet joins the Redfin board of directors. This was a safety round, as Redfin announced… Read More

  • Online Real Estate Broker Redfin Adds More Recent Sales Data And Links To Blogs

    Online real estate broker Redfin is revamping its website to add recent data and photos of recent home sales as well as links to blog discussions of a listing. The Seattle-based startup, which is profitable, represents buyers and sellers in home real estate transactions for far less than the industry rates that take 5%-6% of the sale price of a home and split it between buy and sell brokers. Read More

  • Redfin Turns Profitable, Real Estate Industry Shudders

    An interesting tidbit from today’s Naked Truth event in Seattle: Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman said his company just turned profitable. Since I was sitting next to him on the panel, I asked him off microphone what revenues were. He said the run rate is around $15 million. 2007 revenues were $5 million, 2006 revenues were $1 million. That’s great news for everyone except the real… Read More

  • The Naked Truth 2009 Slides: Show Me The Money

    Taking place tonight in Seattle is The Naked Truth 2009, a Redfin-hosted conference to give entrepreneurs advice. Michael is there participating as an expert to discuss industry trends. This year’s topic is revenue models for consumer Internet startups. The four presenting startups, Redfin, UrbanSpoon, Picnik and Animoto have some interesting information to share via their slides… Read More

  • Taking Advantage Of The DOJ Settlement, Redfin Lists More Data: Tiptoes Into New York

    The real estate slump is still dragging the economy down, but real estate sites that can help people save money or cut down the time it takes to find a decent home are still hanging on. Today, regional online brokerage Redfin is expanding into parts of New York for the first time, including Westchester, Long Island, and Queens (Manhattan and Brooklyn still remain beyond its reach). And in… Read More